Filmati sul cambiamento climatico
Conferenza internazionale sul cambiamento climatico - 1a Parte 26 luglio 2008, West Hollywood, CA, USA (in inglese)    Parte 1
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SOS Climate Change
International Conference

Take Action: Go Veg Be Green Save Our Planet

Immediate attention and action is crucial for our planetary ecological existence. At the conference, participants was informed with the latest urgent data on climate change and its impact on our lives.

Program  featured keynote speakers and panel discussions on the most effective and immediate solution to climate change related problems.

Featured Speakers: Supreme Master Ching Hai, Dr. Will Tuttle, Howard Lyman, Dr. Gurminder Singh, Dr. Jim Stewart, Professor Ryan Galt, Lionel Friedberg, Dr. Elliot Katz, Dr. Gabriel Cousens, John Raatz, and Scott Badenoch.

Special Honored
Supreme Master Ching Hai
World Renowned Humanitarian & Constructive Media Pioneer
Master of Ceremony
Jane Velez-Mitchell
Television News Journalist
Keynote Speaker
Howard Lyman
President of Voice for a Viable Future
Dr. Will Tuttle
Author of "World Peace
Dr. Gurminder Singh
Co-Chairman of Green Technology Institute
Dr. Jim Stewart
Co-Chair of Global Warming for Sierra Club Angeles Chapter
Professor Ryan Galt
Agricultural Sustainability Institute at UC Davis
Lionel Friedberg
Producer & Director of "A Sacred Duty"
Dr. Elliot Katz
President of In Defense of Animals
Dr. Gabriel Cousens
The Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center
John Raatz
Founder of Visioneering Group and Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment
Scott Badenoch
Chief Executive Officer of Creative Citizen

Collegamento Correlato
2008 Un Momento critico per salvare la Terra: Cosa possiamo fare? Seminario - 1a parte 29 giugno 2008, Formosa (In cinese e inglese)
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Seminario internazionale SOS! cambiamento climatico con la Somma Maestra Ching Hai 22 maggio 2008, Corea - 1a parte
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