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Arctic sea ice reflects about 80% of the sun’s heat, stabilizing the colder temperature of the ocean.
Based on the latest satellite data cited in December 2007 article, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) climate scientist Jay Zwally predicts that nearly all the ice could be gone from the Arctic Ocean by the end of Summer 2012.

Arctic Ice in September 2007 was:23% below previous record low (from NASA satellite data)50% below 1950 levels (from ship data)

Other records surpassed: 
Greenland surface ice loss is now 400% greater than 15 years ago.Surface temperatures in the Arctic are
the highest in 77 years of record keeping.

There is hope:  According to James Hansen, top climate scientist at NASA: “We have passed tipping points. 
We have not passed a point of no return.  We can still roll things back, but it is going to require a quick turn
in direction.” 

According to US University of California, Davis’ newspaper, The California Aggie, published on March 4, 2008:

US professor says methane from Arctic lakes adds to global warming. In a talk presented at the University of California at Davis, Dr. Katey Walter, a professor of limnology and environmental research at the University of Alaska, stated that methane bubbling up from Arctic lakes is now being released into the atmosphere.
 This is due to melting of the lakes’ permafrost layers resulting from climate change.

According to Dr. Walter, who has personally conducted Arctic lake research in areas such as Siberia, this phenomenon causes further global warming because methane “fuels its own production” by melting even more permafrost layers once released.

Research by Dr. Gregory Ryskin at Northwestern University indicates that methane explosions from the
ocean caused extinctions of 90% of marine species and 75% of land species 250 million years ago. 
In his report, “Methane-driven oceanic eruptions and mass extinctions,” he explains how methane gas, which had been trapped

in the stagnant waters, was released, leading to the die-off of most marine and land life. 
Dr. Ryskin states: “…if it happened once it could happen again."

In response to the concerns of Supreme Master TV staff, Supreme Master Ching Hai graciously agreed
to a teleconference for further discussion and questions about climate change.January 20, 2008

Q: I wanted to ask if you have a message for the leaders of the world, what would you say to them?

Supreme Master Ching Hai: I would say to them to use their mighty power to change the diet of the planet.
And adopt immediately, new technology, Sustainable energy. And set an example by themselves by becoming a vegetarian or vegan. Use their mighty power. Use their example, to set a new diet for the planet,
the vegetarian diet.

Q: Yes. Thank you Master.

Supreme Master Ching Hai:They first have to be vegetarian and then they use their power truly.
They could do that by forbidding meat as well. By citing all the harm that meat would do to humans and the planet.Forbid meat eating. Just like forbid smoking cigarettes, and drugs, that’s also another kind
of harmful drug. I wish really that we have the planet, we continue to live, and the children grow up
in a better environment, but you see, it’s up to humanity to decide what they want and which direction they turn.

Q: Master, since stock breeding is the major cause of greenhouse gas, it looks like vegetarianism would
be a solution but, do you think it would be enough?

Supreme Master Ching Hai: No, no, I don’t say just vegetarian, you know, technology has to change. We have veggie, we have sustainable  energy. We have hybrid cars, we have planting trees, we have prayers, remember?Vegetarianism is for the long term benefit, to lessen the karma (bad retribution)to touch the mercy
of Heaven.

Q:  Master, if you had a message for the world, what would it be? 

Supreme Master Ching Hai:  That I love them very much.

Vegetarianism is for the long term benefit,
Vegetarianism is lessen the karma (bad retribution) to touch the mercy of Heaven.

Be Veg Go Green

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