“Infosat” magazine - Germany September 22, 2006  
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Quiet Paths for a Noisy Era

Are you longing to relax, turn your back on the day-to-day and let your soul be free? Are you searching for yourself, for meaning, for substance and inspiration? If such is the case, take a look at Supreme Master Television. Since the television program’s debut on September 7, this new satellite channel has opened up the spiritual world of eastern wisdom. The channel came out of the Quan Yin Meditation practice. Quan Yin is a type of Sound Meditation that was transmitted to Master Ching Hai after what she describes as a long and difficult search for a master in the Himalayas. The practice focuses on daily meditation, as well as on an alternative lifestyle that emphasizes ethical actions and a lacto vegetarian diet.

Rooted in Compassion

Supreme Master Television broadcasts around the clock in English with subtitles in German and French. The spectrum of shows include “Between Master and Disciples,” “A Journey through Aesthetic Realms,” and “Animal World.” The show “Between Master and Disciples” gives a glimpse into conversations between the Teacher and seekers and ranges from the day-to-day challenges of the spiritual path to the workings and secrets of the universe.

Anyone whose mouth waters at the mention of Spinach Risotto, Curry Tofu and Vegetable Pie will definitely be excited about the culinary show, “Vegetarianism - The Noble Way of Living.” Its delicious recipes will raise the heart rate of all vegetarians.

“Animal World” deals with the peaceful coexistence of our planet’s species in an atmosphere of compassion and respect for life. “Words of Wisdom” features insightful lectures and discussions by Supreme Master Ching Hai, regarding both practical and spiritual matters.

This spiritual television channel with its message of non-violence and compassion that reaches beyond our own species is a very refreshing alternative.



Supreme Master Television ended broadcasting on January 2, 2012

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