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InfoSat is the leading European magazine for digital television, radio, internet and mobile telephone systems. It usually has a circulation of 30,000 copies per month, but for this month's issue, 80,000 copies were printed for the occasion of “Internationale Funkausstellung” (IFA), one of the world's biggest fairs for consumer electronics that took place in Berlin from August 31 to September 5, Golden Year 4 (2007). More than a thousand exhibitors from 32 countries were present at IFA, and hundreds of thousands of visitors. InfoSat had a booth at the Funkausstellung, so thanks to God's grace many guests had the chance to learn about Master through the article and the Supreme Master TV advertisement that was placed in their magazine. This is the second time that InfoSat has reported about Supreme Master TV. The first article appeared in the autumn 2006 issue.  

Supreme Master TV: Walking on Eastern Paths Via Satellite


Germany, September issue  (Originally in German)

Spirituality, teachings of wisdom from the East, vegetarianism and the desire for non-violence are segment topics. One year has passed since Supreme Master Television – a station wholly dedicated to the search for spirituality and meaning, meditation and nonviolent living – began broadcasting by satellite. Feedback from around the world shows the channel is steadily gaining popularity all around the globe. The programming is mainly in English with subtitles in German, French, Arabic, Persian, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Korean and Aulacese (Vietnamese).

Recently this international TV channel also became available free of charge via Astra Satellite 1 at 19.2 degrees East. There is also a substantial array of videos on demand available at, in addition to the regular daily programming. Selected shows are downloadable. One hundred and seven million households in Europe have access to the Astra satellite programs. Furthermore, the channel continues to be available via Hotbird Satellite 6 so that Supreme Master Television broadcasts its 24-hour programs via the two most important European TV satellites. The diverse and attractive programs range from Words of Wisdom and vegetarian cooking shows to news from all over the world and international entertainment programs. Spiritual seekers and friends of vegetarian cuisine will definitely want to check it out. 

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to InfoSat magazine for helping us to spread the message of Supreme Master Television. May Heaven bless you abundantly for contributing your part to raise the consciousness of our world.



Supreme Master Television ended broadcasting on January 2, 2012

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