Animal welfare group calls for banning of fur farms - 31 Aug 2010  
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After completing an 18-month undercover evaluation of 16 facilities, Sweden-based Animal Rights Alliance is calling on the national government to ban mink farms.

In clear demonstration that fur farms are in violation of animal welfare laws, the videos show hundreds of the clever, beautiful wild animals that normally spend much of their time in water being imprisoned in crowded wire cages.

The animals display neurotic behavior such as repetitive motions without purpose and even cannibalism from mothers to their young as well as littermates eating one another as a symptom of their extreme stress.

The animal activists further reported that sick and injured animals received no treatment and dead animals were left in the cages with living ones.

Regarding the appalling situation, Animal Rights Alliance spokesperson Lina Flyren said, “This is more a political question than a matter for the police.
Such serious breaches of the animal protection laws at 20% of mink farms…
is … representative of mink farms in general. We want a ban –that’s all we’re going to argue for.”

Ms. Flyren, Animal Rights Alliance and other advocates, we join in your concern and thank you for your dedication on behalf of the wild minks.

May the day come soon that humans live in loving harmony with the animals and all aspects of our natural world.
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