Fishing threatens coral ecosystems.- 25 Jan 2011  
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An 18-year study of coral reefs off the coast of Kenya conducted jointly by scientists from the Wildlife Conservation Society and University of California in the USA found a significant connection between fishing and declining health of coral reefs.

In particular, the researchers found that the removal of especially certain species of fish upset the balance of the reef ecosystems and resulted in an overgrowth of sea urchins. The urchins then were found to consume a type of algae that normally assists in rebuilding the coral reef systems. In the study, regions where fishing was banned were noted to have fewer sea urchins and correspondingly more healthy reefs.

Besides their remarkable beauty, coral reefs are vital to ocean ecosystems, providing homes to over a million fish species and 25% of all marine life, while also offering natural protection from the damaging effect of storms.

Lead researcher Dr. Tim McClanahan of the University of California at Santa Cruz stated, “This study illustrates the cascading effects of [fish] loss on a reef system and the importance of maintaining fish populations for coral health.”

Many thanks, Dr. McClanahan and associates at both the University of California and Wildlife Conservation Society, for your insightful research on coral reef ecosystems. Let us swiftly step to ensure the protection of all life for the survival of marine and other natural habitats that are so vital to our planetary balance.

During an October 2009 videoconference in Indonesia, Supreme Master Ching Hai spoke as on many previous occasions of the problems caused by killing practices such as fishing as she urged the foregoing of all animal products to save the environment and ultimately ourselves.

Supreme Master Ching Hai : In your country, Indonesia, where overfishing is common in the precious coral reef areas, one report has put it this way, I quote exactly from that report: “Overfishing is causing more damage to the coral reefs than earthquakes or tsunamis.”

Overfishing has caused the remaining fish to be smaller, so the mesh size of the nets has been decreased to capture smaller fish, resulting in other fish being caught as well. The other fish that the fishers don't need are also being caught there. So, it destroys even more marine ecosystems and destroys more fish life.

The Indonesian government also acknowledged the devastated oceans due to fishing, and also said that 94% of Indonesia's coral reefs are dying - just in your country alone.

So you can see the animal diet, the animals industry is killing marine life, killing our sea, killing coral reefs, killing all that is important and protective to us - just for the sake of immediate profit, we're killing our world and we are killing ourselves. If we truly wish to see real harmony, we must be the harmony, which includes the act of eating harmoniously each time we come to the table. Peace, compassion, mercy begin on our plate. ,