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 (m): The first question Master. Are the recent disasters around the world somehow connected with the billions of animals slaughtered every year for human consumption?

SUPREME MASTER CHING HAI:  Of course it is. "As you sow, so shall you reap." "Like attracts like." Scientifically speaking, spiritually speaking, we have been warned. So, all the disasters that have happened around the world, of course, are connected with the human unkindness to the co-inhabitants.

That was the price we have to pay for what we have done to the innocents who have done us no harm, who are also the children of God, who have been sent to Earth to help us and to cheer our days.

Because, generally, humans also have very good merit before they came to Earth. And that's why they became human, because of their good merit. So, from their good merit, there has been give and take and deductions and additions. Otherwise, if  things had not been canceling out some of the bad retribution then it would have been worse. Or the Earth might have been disappeared altogether already, but luckily the humans also do have some good merit and it has not run out yet. Some of their good merit has not run out yet and that's why we are still hanging in here.

(m): Master, if the world were to go 100% vegetarian right now, what kind of Earth would we live in and what effect would this have on the world economy and also how great the changes would be and how long would it take to see the effects of these changes on our environment? 

SUPREME MASTER CHING HAI: If the world were to go 100% vegetarian right now, the good effect of it would be seen within more or less 60 days.

SUPREME MASTER CHING HAI: That is 8 weeks.Within 8 weeks we would see immediate effect. Of course, you'll also see immediately; it's almost immediately.  But to see the whole big picture, you can realize it within 8 weeks.

SUPREME MASTER CHING HAI: 8 short weeks And what kind of Earth would we live in? It would be Eden again.
We will have sudden peace, and sudden realization of sameness between all nations, between all humans and between humans and animals.

The realization will dawn upon us. There's no need explanation.People will suddenly understand that we're all equal. We and all co-inhabitants, animals alike, are equal. And people will have respect even for trees and plants.

(m): Wow. That's wonderful. Thank you Master. 

SUPREME MASTER CHING HAI: It is wonderful. I really wish that we could have it right now.

SUPREME MASTER CHING HAI: Things will be more lushful, abundant. People will feel happier, even without reason, they will not know why they feel happy, and food will be enough everywhere. Rivers will run plentiful again. Disasters will cease.  Heaven will smile on humans and good wishes will be fulfilled. That is a kind of Eden.

If we are to be vegetarian, all of the humans on the planet, that will be the effect. Yes, that's what we wish to have.

(f): Yes.
(f): Master, is the world doing enough, and are we as initiates doing enough to save the planet at this critical time?

SUPREME MASTER CHING HAI: Well, you have been doing fine. Most of the initiates are doing their best, and sincerely. But the world… no. The world, they're doing something, they are trying but they are not doing fast enough and they are not doing enough. And even something they are doing is often off track.  I'm sorry, I have to be blunt, I've been too polite all these years;it doesn't work.

SUPREME MASTER CHING HAI: Now the thing is, most often the world is doing things that are second or third important in line. Like you have the throne-number 1 in line, number 2 in line, number 3 in line. They are not running after the crown prince.They are running after the second, the third, the fourth or fifth and the eleventh.

SUPREME MASTER CHING HAI: Now, the number one thing that is most important is non-violence. Non-violence to humans and animals. Of course, that means vegetarian diet. That means completely abstain from all animal products. That is the thing that has been ignored up to now.  I mean, some people have spoken out.  Even some government officials and some organization have spoken out about that, but too little. If we stop killing, if we practice non-violence, non-violence to humans, non-violence to animals, if we stop all the killing, then all bad effects will stop, almost instantly.

There will be no end to happiness and freedom, of any aspects, body and mind,if we stop the main cause of disaster, that is the killing. The main cause of disaster is the violence of the people, mostly from the people. We have to stop all this. We have to stop all the killing.

I keep telling again, and again, and again. We have to live and let live. We have to respect and save lives. But tell me, who will be wise enough to listen?

And who will be strong enough to carry this out? That's the point. Perhaps everybody knows this, one way or another. But need a strong will to carry out. Not just knowing. Practicing. Practicing is very important.

SUPREME MASTER CHING HAI : We have to respect all lives, including that of our so-called enemies even. Directly or indirectly, we have to stop the killing. We have to be all vegetarian and abstain from all animal products. And that's how the killing will stop. Everything else is secondary.

(f): Thank you.


(m): Master, Oprah Winfrey is well known by many people around the world and she recently has gone vegan for twenty one days. And a lot of high-profile people are realizing the benefits of a vegan diet, and in turn are influencing a lot of people around the world. Master, is this a good turn in the right direction?

SUPREME MASTER CHING HAI: Yes, it is. It is. And bravo to her, to Oprah.

(m): Absolutely.

SUPREME MASTER CHING HAI: And she has done the most glorious thing in her entire career,methinks.And I think she will continue in this direction. She's a wise woman, you know?

(f): Yes.

SUPREME MASTER CHING HAI: Yes. And she has a huge bunch of followers. So if she continues in this direction, she will do a great service to herself, humankind, and her believers. I think she's very wise; she will do it. Because, I think she put something in the internet, in her blog, saying that, "How can you proclaim to be a spiritual searcher, a spiritual seeker, when you have no compassion for animals at all? So I think she's a wise woman. I think she will continue that and that will be very great.

(m): Yes, it would. Thank you, Master.

SUPREME MASTER CHING HAI: After all, what is the good in gnawing on a dead corpse, biting on dead corpse, for such a dignified human like us? The human that can conquer the moon, can explore Mars, and doing many other incredible feats. How can we not conquer our own appetite?

Because the appetite of most humans have caused untold suffering to the weak and defenseless animals. And we even have abundance of food choices. Not that we don't have.

So if people just stop and think about this, they will realize how unfortunate it is that we have fallen into this trap that we have to kill to live. That if I live, you must die. This is a very pitiful situation for human beings. If anybody takes a little time to think about it, this is really, really tragic. No?

(f): (Yes.)
(m): Thank you, Master.

SUPREME MASTER CHING HAI: So I hope people will realize it in the long run. If they stop and think about it, this is a really very tragic situation that the humans have fallen into. To let themselves be deprived of compassion, deprived of the loving instinct of a human. They succumb to this kind of cruelty. This is really a pity.

(f): Yes Master.

SUPREME MASTER CHING HAI: It's not what humans intended to be at all. Anything else that is boiling in your heart?

(f): Yes Master. More and more news reports are mentioning going vegetarian as a solution to combat climate change.
For example, last week on BBC2, there was a program on the news about the measures to tackle climate change, and the headline said something like this:"Is it time to turn vegetarian?" BBC2 Newsnight on the 3rd of June, 2008 at half past twelve, midnight.It said the best solution would be for us all to become vegetarians.


(f): Yes. So it seems, Master, that people the world over are getting the message. Do we still have time to save the planet though?

SUPREME MASTER CHING HAI: Yes, yes. They are getting the messages. But it's not enough. I want more of that and on every television channel.And every billboard, on the sidewalk, in every house, and on every newspaper. This should be the topic that we talk about every day.

I mean not the whole newspaper, not the whole program, of course, but I mean some part of it has to be devoted to the most urgent need of our time. That is the climate change, and to stop it.

(f): That would be wonderful.

SUPREME MASTER CHING HAI: But nevertheless, they are doing something, and I am grateful.  And I want to tell you some good news. Well, the message, if people listen to it and do more,then of course we can save the planet! Right now, we have gained 7 months plus.

SUPREME MASTER CHING HAI: Because of all the effort that people have put into action, like plant trees, and driving less, and sustainable fuel. And also many people have turned into vegetarians. And some of the news media have helped to remind the public. And the governments also have done something or have thought about it. All this however little positive energy that people sincerely put into their efforts has bear fruit, and we've gained 7 months.

That means right now, we have like 2 years and 2 months plus a few days to change.

SUPREME MASTER CHING HAI: And the more people turn into vegetarian and preserving the planet, the further the deadline will recede. And then we will have more time, more and more time. Originally, if nobody has done anything up to date, then we would have like maybe 16 months, or 15 months even. Understand me? Now we have 2 years, 2 months plus.So that has bear fruit, yes.

(group): Wow! Yes. Definitely.

SUPREME MASTER CHING HAI: We have to thank to the people who have changed into the vegetarian diet, and thanks to the government who have put effort in preserving the environment, and we have to thank some news media who have been putting in effort to remind people about our deadly situation. So if you guys continue helping to remind people, if the government gives us more blessing, if the news people continue the trend of giving the public more knowledge, then we still can save the planet. I do hope so.

(group): Yes.


(m): Hi, Master! Hallo! It's good to see you again.

SUPREME MASTER CHING HAI: Good to see you! Doing a lot of stuff. Thank you, you guys, for helping the disaster victims everywhere. Thank you for being my extended hands, extended ears, extended eyes, extended mouth, extended love.Thank you so much, all of you.Not just English, but everywhere, All our people in the world. 

(m): Master, Prince Charles, Prince Charles recently expressed his concern about the urgency to fight global warming in an article entitled, "18 Months to Stop Climate Change Disaster." It was published in May 2008 in the Telegraph newspaper in the UK.(m): And being a member of a royal family and other people in such high positions in the political field, etc., they're being advised what they should and should not say to the public.

I was wondering what words of encouragement can Master offer these leaders to help them speak the truth and get their important message through.

SUPREME MASTER CHING HAI: I am very grateful to His Royal Highness and other courageous leaders in the world for stepping out of their boundary and to speak out for the sake of everyone. Even if the public does not appreciate their goodwill, Heaven will take note. And they will have a great reward hereafter. It is, of course, very difficult to be in the position of authority. I understand that and I'm glad you understand their position.

Of course they've been told what to do and what not to say. But the advisors are not always wise. So I think the leaders themselves should act according to intuition of a highly developed human being. To be a leader is to be endowed with bravery, compassion and nobility. That's why you are a leader. It's not easy, of course, to be in the position of a leader. That's why leaders are few. You see in a nation, there's only one king,

one queen, some princess, some prince, one president, one prime minister. Very few leaders, compared to the multitude of this world. But fewer even still are brave leaders, courageous leaders, righteous leaders and wise leaders. To such wise and courageous ones, we offer full support and respect.

We pray that Heaven give them more strength, more wisdom to carry out their noble duty. Of course, bravo to Prince Charles, and other leaders. Prince Charles has been an environmentalist for many, many years. And he's getting always more and more vocal about this. And I hope he continues to set an example for other leaders. Because as I told you, leaders are few. And fewer still are those who are wise and courageous.

Being a leader, we must know what is good for our subjects and what is not. And what is good, we have to encourage them to do, facilitate them to do. And what is bad, we have to stop, to protect them. That is the true meaning of a leader.

(m): Absolutely. Thank you, thank you so much.

SUPREME MASTER CHING HAI: He's a good man. Gentleman.

SUPREME MASTER CHING HAI: I have always liked him. He's honest.

SUPREME MASTER CHING HAI: Straightforward. If he loves someone, he says he loves. If he doesn't, well he doesn't. We know that by now.

Yes. You see, being a prince, he is true to his heart. That is a very good quality. You see? He's true to his heart. And he's not swayed by glamour or praise and gain. He's really a truthful man. And I really pray that he will have more strength to continue and do better and better still for his subjects and for the world, to make an exemplary, noble figure of a leader, for the world to follow.

(m): Thank you, thank you so much.

(m): Hallo, Master, recently SUPREME MASTER TV crew visited in the island of Skye in Scotland,and they interviewed the founder of the animal sanctuary. They rescue farm animals. And Rima Morrell, she's the founder and author and animal communicator, when she was sitting with one of her pigs, he started sending messages saying that, "Now is the time that humans have to stop killing animals for food." And the message seems really urgent. And that question is how can we help stop more people from eating animals?

SUPREME MASTER CHING HAI: Yes, I have been asking myself that question,and you also, many years already. This is a very frustrating question, because we don't always have the immediate answer, knowing the habits of humans are hard to quit. I just hope that Heaven has been warning enough with so many frequent disasters and incurable diseases, so that people truly wake up this time. And to stop all this cruelty to our co-citizens of the world, namely the animals and each other as well.

If anybody could stop and think about it, it is really incredible how we still kill each other these days, or think of killing each other
these days. Not to talk about the poor defenseless innocent animals. Well, all we can do is spread the news. Yeah? Spread the news, explain to people as much as you can, and hoping that your words, my words fall into some wise ears.Because most of the human, they have telepathy.

But they have completely lost it. So they cannot hear it direct from the animals, their cry of suffering, their cry of sorrow, or their cry of advice. Because they have been covered up tightly with a veil of ignorance from the King of Illusion, from Maya, from the so-called devil. So it's very difficult for them to hear anything. But I just hope that at this time of peril, maybe they will wake up. And we try to tell them anything that is convincing.

Maybe they can wake up, maybe they listen. Maybe some of them will listen, maybe half of them will listen, maybe two thirds of them will listen. I hope all of them will listen.I hope I will live to see that day. I'm telling you truly because, as much as I love the animals, I know that suffering has an end.

Even if one animal suffers, by abuse or torture, massacre, in the slaughterhouse, they have only that life and then they will be free to Heaven. It breaks my heart; I don't want to imagine how they suffer. But even then, it's not as bad as what the humans have to go through because of mistreating animals. So actually, I'm more sorry for the humans than the animals, do you understand? (Yes.)

SUPREME MASTER CHING HAI: If they are abused and badly treated, then they will be in a higher Heaven. But the humans who have done all this to them will pay terribly. And that's what I'm worried about. I love animals so much. But physical suffering, we will endure one way or another, even humans too. But the spiritual suffering, this spiritual loss, it's a terrible loss. And humans commit terrible acts against themselves every day, to cause them to lose spiritual merit because of killing animals, because of killing each other, because of eating animals.

So, you see, it's the humans that I'm worried about.We're trying as best as we can to awaken their real knowledge. But it's not easy. I thank you for all you have been doing. I thank you for bearing all this frustration with me. And thank you for still having unwavering faith on the human change. Maybe they will change. Maybe we can still save the planet. We just have to continue. Okay?

(group): Yes. Thank you, Master.
(f): Master, we'd like to give you some feedback from our Supreme Master Television viewers.

SUPREME MASTER CHING HAI: Very good! I like to hear.

(m): Hi there, Master! We've got some great news from Ireland.

SUPREME MASTER CHING HAI: Good! A representative from the Irish Green Party, which is currently sharing the power in government, called the Irish hotline to say he watches SUPREME MASTER TV. And he said he loves it and will encourage all the Green Party members to go vegetarian.  

SUPREME MASTER CHING HAI: Wow! Bravo! Fantastic! Yeah, very good. Wonderful news, wonderful news!
I'm sure SUPREME MASTER TV would love to hear this.

(m): And also another Irish caller and he's the person who's responsible for having the sale of fur banned from Ireland's top 3 luxury stores nationwide. He also loves Supreme Master Television and said he wants to meet us to discuss ways we can work together.

SUPREME MASTER CHING HAI: Good. Wonderful news!

(f): Yes, Master. Hallo, Master! There was a lady living in Wales. And she rang us at Chinese New Year. Every time there was a special day for a certain country, she meditates and prays for all the people in that country. So on Chinese New Year,she was looking at television programs and she discovered Supreme Master Television. And she was so touched and enthusiastic, and she was deeply grateful that she found that channel.

She immediately rang the hotline and she thanked us, she expressed her gratitude. And then also after, we got several calls telling us that she's so grateful and wishing us all the best.

SUPREME MASTER CHING HAI: Good news. Very good.

(m): Master, from the lady who runs the animal shelter in Scotland, we had a very positive feedback. She is author of 3 books.She also had an interview with the former Slovenian President, Dr. Drnovsek. And she was researching his latest book when she came across Master's interviews from Supreme Master TV website. She was really touched and now she shares all Master's words and ideas about how to look after and protect and respect animals.

SUPREME MASTER CHING HAI: Oh really?That's wonderful!

(m): Master, in the UK, we have been able to interview many veggie organizations and animal protection groups at festivals and share our footage with them and offer them all our support. From this, we always get very positive feedback and their support for Supreme Master Television, and find ourselves becoming included in their activities. For example, recently, the political candidate for the UK Party for Animals invited us to attend one of their brainstorming meetings regarding their political campaign.

SUPREME MASTER CHING HAI: You become politician now.

(m): We can try.

(f): Master, recently we were handing out Supreme Master TV flyers in London and Cork, Ireland, and many people came up to say that they're watching Supreme Master TV. And some people said that they cry when they are watching it.

SUPREME MASTER CHING HAI: Oh really! Yes. Because we are genuine. We do it unconditionally and out of love; that's why it touches people's hearts.

(f): Hallo, Master! It's very nice to see you again!


(f): We have recently interviewed a musician lady who lives near the stone circle in south England. She told us she used to be vegetarian for many years, and then she went back to eat meat. But on the very day she and her mom watched Supreme Master Television, they went straight back to vegetarian diet again. And she cries every time she watches the channel, she told us. And she said after going back to vegetarian,her conscience feels great, and she feels pure, better, and cleaner.

SUPREME MASTER CHING HAI: Yeah. Okay, very good.

(f): She also said the channel informs people of the important issues of our time and the challenges we all face, and people are blind to it, about how and why to be a vegetarian. And she thinks people should start watching Supreme Master TV because to her, this is how the television should be and this is what TV should be used for.

SUPREME MASTER CHING HAI: Right, right. Yes. That's why we're doing it. See, I also met some people who have been vegetarian before and they went back to non-vegetarian diet. And after meeting me and talking to me, and I eat vegetarian, they became vegetarian again! Personally, also I'm working, I am also mini-television, mini-SUPREME MASTER TV. All of us can have some influence in some way. That is cool. But it's just not fast enough for my patience. Anyway, we're doing what we can, and it's not just for other people, for us also. For our children, grandchildren, and our friends, family members.

They all are important. It's a pity that the world is not doing together with us! If they are, then we have Eden on Earth right away! Within 8 weeks! Within 8 weeks all disasters will stop. That's how Heaven is created. What do you think? Where does Heaven come from? Heaven is a place where all beings act in the same way. I mean, not like uniformly, but in the same level of compassion, same level of love, and same level of spiritual knowledge, understanding, same level of nobility. That's what Heaven is. And we can turn this world into Heaven anytime. If human beings just turn around, all will be forgiven. Heaven is forgiving.

Because they did not know about meat diet, the killing. They did not know anything much about killing. Of course they know a little bit, but nobody emphasize it. Nobody really make it like a matter of fact. If the government, if the media, all the people that have the power, can wield their power in a correct way, inform the public, educate the public, make them know what make them know that vegetarian diet is a must, is the only diet that everyone should follow, then it will be done! Look at how many people have decreased smoking. Even if smoking cigarettes has not been banned completely, just been banned in the public only, and look how many percentage of people have decreased smoking. And how much disease has been minimized.

How much money of the tax payers have been saved, just in a few months. You watch television, you know this. you know the effects immediately. Look at that!And it's not even banned completely yet. Can you imagine if it's banned completely, someday, or if meat has been banned, or has been advised to be less and less,can you imagine how good it'd be, yeah? The government is supposed to govern goodly, rightly.So this is the time the government should do their governing stuff. Make it like a righteous thing, like a natural thing! Just like children have to go to school.

In some countries, the law obliges parents have to send the children to school. So maybe one day we will oblige all the people to leave the animals in peace, just like the way we want to be left in peace. We don't want anyone to cut our throat, why go out and cut some other beings' throat?

You see what I mean? And drink blood from it and eat their corpse. Oh God! And we call that civilization. Twenty-first century, my goodness. And so many Masters have been on Earth and have been teaching us already that we shall not kill, we shall not eat meat, we shall not drink alcohol, we shall not take intoxication… Have been taught so long! Century after century. This is the time we should be a human being that we're supposed to be.

Okay, we made mistakes, we didn't know it before. But now is the time! We should do research, we should know about it. Everywhere there are plenty of vegetarian diet advice, books, recipes. Even in our television, we have ten thousand and one international delectable recipes daily, offering free of charge. They can always download and keep it in their family and try it all. It's beautiful, it's tasty and it's harmless to anyone.

There's no excuse anymore to sink your teeth into that piece of flesh which is rotten anyway. I don't know how human beings can consume such thing. It's below dignity and it's unhygienic,it's unhealthy, it's poisonous, it's ignoble. Pardon my bluntness. I've been polite for too long. So it's about the time we wake up and change behavior, to be noble,to be dignified as a human being.

(f): Master, in London Center, they recently received calls from people watching Supreme Master Television. And they were very enthusiastic, and they wanted to have more background material about the programs, also information about how to get initiated or learn meditation. And it was not only the UK, it was also calls from the Middle East, from Iran.

SUPREME MASTER CHING HAI: Good news for you. You have more brothers and sisters. Good for the world,because we are in urgent situation right now, I just wished that all the people in the world turn to vegetarian right away and be forgiven.
(m): I have a new question if you have time, Master?


(m): There was a book which stated that another planet encountered the same type of global warming situation. And the aliens actually came here to mine our gold and they used some kind of technology in order to change that gold into gold dust and they used that for their atmosphere to patch it up. Is that true? And in addition to the adopting a plant-based diet, can we do something similar in order to give us more time?

No. Sometimes fiction is stranger than reality.

SUPREME MASTER CHING HAI: Vegetarian diet and new technology. And be sparesome and be spiritual. That's what we do.

(m): Understand, thank you.

(f): Master, I've also got another question. If global warming is stopped on time and is reversed, is there a possibility that the poorest and undeveloped countries of the world will be able to catch up on development and reach the same level as eveloped countries or will inequality still exist amongst countries?

SUPREME MASTER CHING HAI: It still exists, but they will be helped, by more developed countries.

(f): Yes, Master.

SUPREME MASTER CHING HAI: And slowly they will catch up also. The main point is, we will have peace between nations, be it developed or not developed. And the main point is, we will have enough food for everyone, developed or not developed.
(f): Yes, Master. Thank you, Master.

SUPREME MASTER CHING HAI: And all the animals will be living in peace, without fear, without suffering, that's the main point. The main point is we will have Eden on Earth.

(f): Thank you very much, Master, for your time.

SUPREME MASTER CHING HAI: You are very welcome. You see,we call "developed" in terms of technology. But the real development should be in spirituality. And it would be good if we also develop spirituality and technology at the same time. Then it would be very balanced. It would be the greatest thing that we can have. Comfortable life and elevation of spiritual level; that would be the best.

(group): Thank you, Master!


SUPREME MASTER CHING HAI: I love you.I love you and I thank you for what you have done and what you're doing and what you will be doing for the planet. Thank you so much.  Thank you all of you.

(group): Love you too, Master. Thank you, Master!

(f): Thank you for working so hard for the planet, Master.

SUPREME MASTER CHING HAI: I wish I could work harder.


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