Media report on the benefits of vegan fare - 24 Dec 2011  
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With more and more people showing concern for the sources of the food they consume, media exploring the multi-faceted benefits of the vegan diet have been on the rise, featuring everything from taste to conscience to the welfare of humans and the planet.

Examining the harmful substances found in meat are the articles, “The Benefits of Being Vegetarian,” from Panama’s news agency Crítica, and “Vegetarianism, the Virtues You May Not Know,” published by Catalonia, Spain’s leading daily newspaper La Vanguardia.

Also in December 2011, Spain-based La Chispa, which focuses on natural living, released an article called “The Vegan Way,” which emphasizes the unsustainable aspects of meat consumption, stating that the vegan lifestyle is key to protecting the stability of the ecosphere.

Another article titled “Call Your Vegan Meal,” published in India's daily newspaper Hindustan Times, shares the story of Ujjla Manchanda and her husband Ashish in their journey toward the ethical values of veganism, followed by their launching of a delivery service for delicious plant-based fare.

Meanwhile, a number of recent articles have offered favorable reviews of the delectably wholesome food provided at various vegan restaurants in the US, such as “Cornbread Café: Vegan Comfort Food with a Retro Twist,” published in Oregon-based Eugene Daily News; “Vegan Restaurant ‘Taste of Eden’ Will Get You Happy and Healthy” in green news website Ecorazzi; and “San Antonio's New Vegan Eatery Cooks Up Healthy Tex Mex,” published in the Texas, USA-based Kens5.

Likewise, Canadian weekly newspaper The Georgia Straight has announced the opening of another compassionate eatery that serves dishes which are not only vegan but appealingly fresh in “OrganicLives Sprouts Raw Vegan Café in Downtown Vancouver.”

Our thankfulness, all journalists and media groups, for sharing the many joys of choosing a veg lifestyle. May such vital information help put us on the fast-track to a peaceful, abundant vegan world.
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