Second Arab League summit convenes - 21 Jan 2011  
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Second Arab League summit convenes. On Wednesday, January 19, the second Arab Economic and Social Development Summit was held in the Egyptian city of Sharm el-Sheikh with the participation of numerous Royal family and other government leaders from among the organization’s 22 member nations. During the meeting, priority was given to developmental goals and financial allocations to ensure food security as well as mitigate climate change and water scarcity. Other topics included planned improvements in infrastructure areas as well as education, health care, minimizing poverty and providing opportunities and employment for the younger generation. Also highlighted was the intention to maintain a long-time peaceful coexistence among residents of different faiths, with Arab League Secretary-General Amr Moussa stating, “Muslims and Christians of the Arab world have always lived together; the past, present and the future of this nation is shared amongst us all.”

Arab League leaders, we respectfully laud your meaningful and promising summit. May the people of all your nations prosper through such exemplary benevolence and constructive goals.,,,
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