Netherlands close to ban on kosher animal slaughter. - 19 Apr 2011  
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An initiative introduced by Dutch Parliament member Marianne Thieme, founding member of the Party of the Animals, is advocating a ban on ritual slaughter that occurs while the animal is fully conscious, based on the premise that this procedure causes unnecessary pain and suffering.

With New Zealand having banned the practice after a 2009 study that monitored calf brain waves during ritual slaughter and found the animals to be aware of their pain, Scandinavian and Baltic countries in Europe as well as Switzerland have also banned ritual slaughter.

Backing by several other political parties in the Netherlands has increased the likelihood that the measure will pass an upcoming parliamentary vote.

Parliament member Thieme stated that "(The law) will be good news for the two million animals that are slaughtered (without stunning) each year in our country. It's not a small amount.”

 Our thanks, Parliament member Thieme and supporting Dutch Parliament members for your consideration. May the day come soon when all countries ban the act of killing animals altogether as we extend our respect and care to sanction all life.

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