POEM : The Widower   

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The Widower (Người Mất Vợ)
Poem written by Supreme Master Ching Hai in 1966
For Mr. Thu
Poem collection “Pebbles and Gold”

The Widower
Yesterday, together, you were laughing.
"What a beautiful couple!" everyone praised.
Today, became a widower, Unable to cry.

She was barely eighteen in years.
To the newlyweds, neighbors had just sent cheers.
Soon the promise of a new life to cherish Mother and child, both now perished.

(Two innocent souls,One straying bullet!!)

Aghast with shock I could only gaze
Around your head – the mourning band –
What can I say To the one who suffered in such an agonizing way!!!

Young, not knowing how to offer comfort,
I could merely express my sympathy
Through a few lines of poetry,
Hoping time will heal
Your painful memory!

Oh, war!

To Mr. Thu
*Vĩnh Bình Village – 1966
*Vĩnh Bình means “Eternal Peace”

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