POEM : The Real Love   

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The Real Love

“…We don't have to go on snatching land,
Nor have we to hurry on converting man:
It’s not how many in a belief system
It’s what become of them!
It’s not the name of a religious order,

It’s what we make of the name!
It’s not how crowded a religion
It’s how much into world peace their contribution
It’s not our words
It’s rather louder our actions.
What is going to be our legend
In the long history of humans?
Will it be right and just
Will it be noble and benevolent?

Or just a grim picture
Soaked in anguished bloody paint!

Why always boast about our Heavenly root:
Oh! Almighty God’s beloved children!
While our life is tainted with all evils
While our survival
Is the cost of others’ extinctions!

What is the mark of the “chosen”?
Is it just the bloodstain on your hands?
Be it from animals or man’s!...”

Excerpt from a poem by Supreme Master Ching Hai,“The Real Love”

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