POEM : Conciliation   

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Conciliation (Hòa Giải)
Written by Supreme Master Ching Hai in her youth
Spontaneous recital by Supreme Master Ching Hai (Vegan)
CD “That and This Day” Poetry collection “Pebbles and Gold”


I need to be a soldier of peace,
To offer a hand of friendship.
Because if you wait for me,
And I, another,
We'll wait eternally for each other...

Then our youth will be lost,
Love will be conflicted,
Friends become enemies,
High mountains turn to bottomless seas,
And human language will grow useless.

Why must we cry
When we may laugh?
Why must we forsake bliss
In search of suffering?

Let's take each other's hand,
Soaring above the realm of chaos
To gaze down on life,
Our laughter resonating through
Heaven and Earth.
My very dear!

We will hold each other close,
Speaking words of compassion,
Whispering words of love.
Let's remake a paradise
Of olden days:
The days we first entered each other's lives.
Yes, dearest love of mine!

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