Animal farming implicated in France’s toxic algae - 29 Aug 2009  
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France’s Prime Minister Francois Fillon returned early from vacation to visit the beaches in Brittany where lethal hydrogen sulfide fumes from washed ashore algae had caused a horse to perish within minutes the previous week. The prime minister pledged funds for the clean up, and an interdepartmental task force has been created to further evaluate the cause.

Jean-François Piquot, spokesman for the environmental group Water and Rivers, states that the source of the problem is clearly runoff pollution from animal agriculture.

He stated, “Britanny has 5 per cent of French agricultural land but 60 per cent of the pigs,
45 per cent of the poultry and 30 per cent of the dairy farms. As our rivers are not long, the pollution does not
have time to clear before the water reaches the sea.

If it enters a closed bay and there is sunlight, that produces the seaweed.”    Your Excellency Prime Minister Fillon,
we are thankful for your concerned actions, and our appreciation also to Mr. Piquot for alerting the public to the harms of the meat and dairy industry.

Wishing that the wise French people and indeed citizens worldwide cease consumption of animal products, opting instead for organic vegan fare that also restores the pristine beauty of the ecosphere.