Australian sea level rise to exceed forecasts - 14 Sep 2009  
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Ports Minister Tim Pallas has reported that current trends of global warming will likely lead to an 80 centimeter sea level rise by 2100, higher than previously stated.

The report was written to assist in readying infrastructure such as ports, roads and rail for severe climate events.

It states, “Extreme sea level events are likely to occur more frequently and with greater severity as weather patterns change with climate change.”

Minister Pallas and scientists, we appreciate your concerned report and wish to protect Australian citizens.

Let us join in ensuring our planet future by treating all beings with love and respect.
Supreme Master Ching Hai oftentimes offers insights to remind humanity of our ability and the need to do our part in alleviating the tolls of climate change, as during the March 2009 “Juice Fast for Peace” videoconference in California, USA.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Where are we going with this kind of rising levels? Even if we dig a hole… Nowadays, they have something like the tube ready for you, like a room, and then you can put it in the Earth to protect yourself from climate change, from gases and all that, but how can we protect ourselves in this case when the sea level rises 70 meters and buries everything in its wake?

And no more food, no more agriculture, nothing! No animals even to eat. Even if we want to eat meat, there will be nothing left for us.
We have to change to a vegetarian diet, animal-free diet.
Animal industry must be out.
That’s it.