Less than five years to halt climate change - 3 Nov 2009  
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Less than five years to halt climate change.
In a new report, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has stated that unstoppable global warming is in our future if low carbon industries are not developed by 2014. Lead author Dr. Karl Mallon of UK-based Climate Risk Propriety Limited, stated, “If we wait until past 2014…, then simply put, it will be impossible for industries to grow to the scale that has to be achieved in the time that is available.”

Dr. Keith Allott, Head of Climate Change at WWF UK said, “This report is a compelling reminder of the scale of effort and the speed of action needed if we’re going to make the global transition towards low and zero carbon economies before it’s too late.”

Our gratitude, Drs. Mallon, Allott and associates at Climate Risk Propriety Limited and World Wildlife Fund for this vital report bringing to light just how critical climate change action is. Let us all heed these warnings and adopt sustainable planet-cooling lifestyles today.  In the face of our planetary emergency, Supreme Master Ching Hai has frequently called for humanity to respond, as during an August 2008 videoconference with our Australian Association members, during which she also discussed the fastest solution.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: We don’t even have that much time to allow to continue to change. We have to change fast.  So we have to change it. The quicker we change, the better, and then we can halt the climate change.

And we can restore the planet very quickly, in no time. But if we don’t, then the planet will also be destroyed quickly and in no time. It depends on human’s behavior. If they do become vegan and stop warring with each other and be compassionate and kind, then of course we will stop where it is and the final disaster will not occur.

Let’s hope we will change the course of the disaster. I really am hopeful. I’m feeling positive about it, I feel positive that people will change. And the vegan people will live happily in the world full of abundance, loving and kind.


Extra News
Scientists from International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas state that less than 15 percent of the Atlantic bluefin tuna now survives and thus announce support of a trade ban to protect the species from extinction.

The UK-based Wales Audit Office releases a report stating that some 600,000 people’s homes and jobs are in areas at risk of flooding due to climate change, and would need to be abandoned because building higher sea walls is not feasible.  

US scientists at the National Center for Atmospheric Research state that the hundreds of thousands of forest acres destroyed by beetle infestation are now likely accelerating regional climate change by increasing temperatures and decreasing rainfalls.