Arctic ice is irreversibly disappearing - 13 Nov 2009  
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Recent data from earlier explorations made by the World Wildlife Fund UK in partnership with the Catlin Arctic Survey, an international collaboration of scientists, found the average thickness of Arctic ice to be only 1.8 meters (6 feet).

The scientists also said that the multi-year ice, which for centuries had blocked the Arctic passageway, has nearly disappeared completely and is melting at an incredibly rapid rate.
The ice cover for 2009 is the third lowest on record after the past two consecutive years. Because the Arctic sea ice plays a significant role in stabilizing climate, Dr. Martin Sommerkorn of the World Wildlife Fund’s Arctic program is urging quick action to reduce emissions, saying, “We can't switch off global warming by
being good in the future, we have to start being good now.”

Many thanks, Dr. Sommerkorn, World Wildlife Fund and Catlin Arctic Survey scientists for your detailed observations of the Arctic sea ice, despite their alarming implications.

We pray that this rapid decline will be reversed through our united actions to cool the planet. Noting these urgent trends, Supreme Master Ching Hai has worked continuously to encourage people better stewardship on Earth, as during an interview with The House Magazine for the September 2009 edition.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Our planet is on a dangerous course to passing irreversible tipping points with disastrous consequences. Like melting of the Arctic sea ice which causes oceans to absorb more sunlight and speeds up melting; and the melting of permafrost which in turn releases toxic methane gas, resulting in more warming of the atmosphere; and the extinction of cornerstone species that cause further collapse to our already ailing ecosystems, thus endangering even more species, and most important of all, us humans.