Fish farming destroys marine wildlife. - 1 Jan 2010  
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The Norwegian Food Safety Authority has reported a dramatic rise in sea louse , a parasite that infects salmon, is causing great concern in Norway as its populations triple in the crowded fish farms of the Norwegian fjords over the past year alone. Besides killing the farmed fish, environmentalists fear that this organism will further decimate already weakened wild salmon whose numbers have been reduced by half
in the past decades.

Meanwhile, a 23-year Finnish study has concluded that lethal strains of the bacteria Columnaris have developed in the confined conditions of ocean fish farms. This infection destroys the skin, fins, and gills of fish and is currently the leading cause of their death. With infected farmed fish that sometimes escape or are let loose by fish farmers who wish to avoid fines and costly clean-up, wild fish are thus being subjected
to an increasing number of virulent diseases that originate from factory farms.

Norwegian Food Safety Authority, we appreciate and share your concern for the well-being of wild fish and ocean life. May we all realize the damaging nature of meat and fish consumption and opt quickly for the life-enhancing vegan diet.

Supreme Master Ching Hai has often spoken of the  tolls endured by the Earth’s animal inhabitants, addressing our need to halt the devastating practice of fishing as during a November 2008 interview with Ireland’s East Coast Radio FM.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: We have to stop it. Just stop the fishing. The government has to forbid fishing because it’s too important to our survival to delay any further. To stop this destructive practice of fishing, the solution is the vegan diet, no fishy stuff in our meals. The sea offers us plenty of better food choices; the wide varieties of super healthy and nutritious sea plants. We can even live on it forever.  We must protect a living and healthy sea, as it relates to our living and healthy self.