Kuwait’s natural desert being damaged by excessive livestock grazing. - 25 Jan 2010  
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The chairman of the Ornithological Society of Kuwait, Abdel Rahman Al-Serhan, has issued a statement saying that the non-human-inhabited regions of Kuwait are being destroyed by deforestation and livestock.
He warned that if people continue to exploit the unregulated lands with animal grazing, the diverse wildlife and plants of Kuwait will suffer more and face extinction.

Calling for the media to help raise public awareness, the chairman stated that laws should be implemented to protect habitats so that the flora and fauna can be restored. Studies conducted by the United Nations Security Council, Kuwait University and others have also highlighted livestock grazing as one of the main causes of
Kuwait’s damaged lands and depleted desert vegetation.Our sincere appreciation, Chairman Al-Serhan, the Ornithological Society and all other organizations and scientists for your concerned voice on behalf of the animals and plants that are in danger.

May we heed such calls to action so that the natural beauty of Kuwait and all lands still exist for future generations to appreciate. Supreme Master Ching Hai has often cautioned of the livestock industry’s costs to both humanity and the planet, as in an October 2009 videoconference in Formosa (Taiwan).

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Right now, one-third of the entire Earth’s land surface is used either for grazing animals or growing feed for the animals, not for humans. We humans use very little of this agriculture section. This is a devastating way to make a cheap profit at the cost of our planet’s and our people’s survival.
We are eating our planet by consuming meat.

So, without the needless animal industry, not only will we gain forests, we can also have organic vegan farmlands to grow real, decent food for humans, and like the forests, these farmlands can also absorb a lot of heat, a lot of heat from the atmosphere.

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