International media, CCTV reports on “Eating for a low-carbon world.” - 1 Feb 2010  
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On China Central Television (CCTV-9), news journalist Wang Mangmang is host of a program series called “My Low Carbon Life” and reported recently how being veg is catching on in China as a way to curb climate change.

She went on to say that this trend is actually being set by the younger generation. Dong Ziyang, manager of the organic vegetarian Jintai Catering Club said, “The average age of our customers is under 33 years old...
Young people are more environmentally aware and more open to new ideas.” The journalist also cited the United Nations report on animal agriculture generating more greenhouse gases than all the transportation in the world combined, and concerns about livestock being the cause of environmental desertification and deforestation.

She stated, “As more and more people strive for a low-carbon lifestyle, the climate-diet equation is becoming more prominent.” 

Our appreciation and applause, journalist Wang Mangmang and CCTV for sharing the eco-statement being made by the low-carbon diet.

Blessed be such programs as yours in benefiting many viewers as well as the animals and our Earth.  Speaking during a May 2009 videoconference in Togo, Supreme Master Ching Hai highlighted the key role of the younger generation in being good stewards for the environment.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: I’m happy to see young people especially involved in endeavors like this, which contributes to human health and also the planet.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: They are also often the most open-minded people. They are intelligent, they are easy, they are an impressionable and honest group of people.

Once they make a connection of global warming to their lives, they may really decide to do something.

Especially if they understand that what they do can truly make a difference, they may be the first ones to take action.

They can be true heroes, by being vegan and spread the news of this solution. They can save lives, including their own, but also of people all over the world, and countless animal lives around the world.

The young people are oftentimes the most ready to change their lifestyle if they see a reason for it. Their age group is also, in many cases, the first one to see that veganism is good, it is correct.