Veg trend on the rise in Australia. - 11 Feb 2010  
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Just weeks after the country launched Meatless Mondays, a campaign encouraging at least one meat-free meal a week, Sydney’s famed Bondi Beach was the site of the country’s biggest vegetarian barbecue for the recent celebration of Australia Day.

Sponsored by Fry’s Vegetarian brand and hosted by spokesperson and Australian comedian Simon Kennovich, the veg event raised funds for the Bondi Surf Life Saving Club while advocating a healthy, environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Supreme Master Television’s correspondent reports.
Australian Correspondent (F): We’re here on Australia’s famous Bondi Beach at Australia’s biggest vegetarian barbeque where Simon Kennovich is telling Australians not to eat lamb on Australia Day but to instead try a Fry’s burger and to try being veg for the planet and for our beautiful Australia.

Simon Kennovich – Comedian (M): Hallo everyone, people of the world. Come to Australia. Get down here, have a vegetarian barbeque with us. We’ll all have a good time.

VOICE: Served fresh off the grill were vegan alternatives to the meat often eaten on holidays, with a crowd of people showing their interest in tasting more.

Attendee/Citizen (M): It’s good.

Attendee (M): Mouth-watering, really.

VOICE: The barbeque also raised awareness on vital veg benefits for one’s health and the planet.

Volunteer (F): That’s obviously helping with the cutting down of methane gases that are produced by animals. And also just having a different protein source, it’s a great way of benefiting your diet.

Attendee (M): Anyone that loves this planet and loves the blue sky and the conditions we have at the moment really should get behind a vegetarian diet for the planet. If we get enough people behind this, we could change this global warming phenomenon.

VOICE: Many thanks, Fry’s Vegetarian, Simon Kennovich and Bondi Beach for your celebration and support of the Earth-protecting plant-based diet. May the compassionate lifestyle soon be adopted by all countries for a vibrantly sustainable world.