Media report: Irish celebrity spreads veg solution with Supreme Master Television. - 25 Feb 2010  
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Recently in the Environmental Data Interactive Exchange, or, Europe’s largest environmental website that has become a main news source for environmental professionals, journalist Luke Walsh wrote about Irish top model and Miss World 2003 Rosanna Davison’s recent campaign to promote the vegan diet.

Titled “Former Miss World backs veganism for climate change,” the article stated: “Rosanna Davison is fronting the campaign for Supreme Master Television, featured on TV3 in Ireland, on buses and the Luas – Dublin's light rail tram system.

The campaign is aimed at encouraging people to re-think their attitudes to animal treatment generally and to eating meat in particular, due to its carbon footprint.”

Ms. Davison, daughter of the world-famous Irish singer-songwriter Chris de Burgh, had been a vegetarian since childhood. She decided to be vegan after working with Supreme Master Television and learning about how only a pure veg diet could most effectively stop animal cruelty while sustaining personal and planetary health.

Edie news cited Ms. Davison as saying: “Watching the effect meat production and meat consumption is having on the world around us in terms of cruelty, emissions and health issues, I was determined to totally cut out dairy, eggs and cheese and have a completely vegan diet. It's going well so far and I feel great.
I've loads of energy and just feel so much more invigorated as a result.”

Many thanks, Mr. Luke Walsh and Environmental Data Interactive Exchange, for your articles that inform readers about global warming’s most effective solution. We also extend our appreciation to you, Ms. Rosanna Davison, for your noble initiative as a beloved role model. May all of Ireland and the world join in preserving our planet with the smart, rejuvenating, and lifesaving vegan diet.