Arctic ice region further diminished - 7 Oct 2010  
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According to scientists at the US National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC), Arctic sea ice is now measures at its third smallest area on record due to global warming.

Their report stated, “This is only the third time in the satellite record that ice extent has fallen below five million square kilometers, and all those occurrences have been within the past four years.” NSIDC Director Dr. Mark Serreze said, “The Arctic, like the globe as a whole, is warming up and warming up quickly, and we're starting to see the sea ice respond to that. Really, in all months, the sea ice cover is shrinking - there's an overall downward trend. The extent of Arctic ice is dropping …very quickly.” 

The NSIDC report estimated that ice on the northern pole could be entirely gone by September 2030.
We thank Dr. Serreze and all scientists at the National Snow and Ice Data Center for this further cautioning of the continued melt of Arctic sea ice.

Let us step in unison toward immediate actions that reverse this process and restore climate balance.
Speaking during a November 2009 videoconference in USA, Supreme Master Ching Hai addressed the alarming disappearance of polar ice, while reminding of humanity’s ability to provide the most efficient solution.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: In the Arctic, North Pole, so much ice has already melted that scientists are forecasting an ice-free summer within as little as 3-6 years, which would be the first time in one million years - first time in one million years!

I pray day and night that the divine manifest in the physical realm and wake up the leaders of our nations, wake up the religious heads, wake up everybody in time so that they understand the urgency of our situation, and that they understand the solution of solving this dangerous crisis that is facing us.

That is, we have to turn back to our caring and compassionate nature inside our heart.
Being vegan worldwide is the advancement of compassion that will create a harmonious Eden on Earth.