Early snowmelt and warming feedback amplify US drought effects. - 18 July 2008  
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A new study by international researchers reveals that snowmelt in the western United States is more than two months early, with surface temperature feedback that is twice as strong as previously estimated. The surface temperature feedback of snow melt accelerates global warming in a manner similar to that of melting Arctic sea ice.
Lead author, Sara A. Rauscher, explains: "When snow melts or does not accumulate in the first place, more solar energy is absorbed by the ground, warming the surface. A feedback loop is created because the warmer ground then makes it more difficult for snow to accumulate and perpetuates the effect." Continuation of early snow melts could mean insufficient availability of water later in the year, leading to higher risk of wildfires as well as drought conditions for agriculture, ecosystems and urban populations.

Thank you, researchers, for this informative study. With Heaven’s blessings, may we all adopt truly sustainable lifestyles to restore the natural balance of our Earth.