Rising prices threaten millions with starvation, despite bumper crops - 4 Mar 2008  
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Food prices too high for millions. The cost of food is rising beyond the reach of millions of people in developing nations. Despite record harvests of grain, the price of wheat has doubled in the past year alone. As the middle class sector develops in countries such as China and India, demand for meat is on the rise, which causes grain prices to similarly increase.

This, combined with increased transportation demands that cause grains to be grown for bio fuels rather than feeding hunger, has inflated prices dramatically. In India, many millions have reduced their meals from two to one per day, and in El Salvador, the calories contained in one meal are less than half now what they were two years ago.

We sincerely thank all those whose diligent efforts have brought this urgent situation to light. With great hope we pray that the world’s people will turn toward the simple and nutritious plant-based diet, to better share our life-sustaining resources with brethren throughout the world.