U.N. Warns Food Shortage Will Continue Up To 2010 - 11 Mar 2008  
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UN’s World Food Program warns of shortages. Executive Director of the United Nations World Food Program Josette Sheeran said that millions of the world’s poor could have less to eat and might require food aid because of rising food prices.

She cited escalating fuel and grain costs, the impact of climate change and increasing markets for biofuel as the reasons for the soaring prices, which in many nations have gone up by as much as 40%. Currently, the world’s food reserves are at a 30 year record low, good only for 53 days now, compared to 169 days in 2007. With gratefulness, Ms. Sheeran, we express our thankfulness for this alert. May we be guided by the Providence to act wisely in sharing and preserving the Earth’s resources.