Energy efficiency the key solution for global agriculture. - 16 Apr 2008  
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The food crisis being felt in countries as far apart as Egypt, Bolivia, Indonesia and Senegal leads us to reflect once more on climate change. Climate change is the main factor in reduced crop production worldwide.

Supreme Master Television correspondents in South Africa spoke with Mr. Wael Hmaidan, Executive Director of the League of Independent Activists during his visit to Pretoria.  Based in Beirut, Lebanon, the organization focuses on global environmental issues.

Mr. Wael Hmaidan, Executive Director of the League of Independent Activists, Lebanon: The Nile Delta is one of the most important agricultural lands in the Middle East. If the sea water level goes one meter up, up to 20% of the Egyptian Nile Delta will be underwater, and they will lose a lot of agricultural land. There will be globally a decrease in food availability. And the worst areas to be hit are poor countries. The good side of the story that it is possible to solve climate change and we need always to highlight the positive aspect.

Mr. Hmaidan believes it is not too late, and that large-scale social problems could be prevented through urgent action in specific areas.

Mr. Wael Hmaidan: The solution for climate change is known globally. We need to stop our dependence on fossil fuels. We can produce enough energy to power the whole planet by using a small percentage of the energy given to us by the sun. Of course, also it is important to highlight the type of food we eat.

Mr. Hmaidan explained how meat production of animals contributes to climate change.

Mr. Hmaidan: First to raise the cows, you put a lot of energy into the cows, to feed the cows. Some areas even cut forests to make ranches for cattle farms. And we know how important trees are to suck out the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide, which also solves the climate change problem. So by cutting trees and by raising cattle we are increasing the climate change problem. So actually by turning into a vegetarian (vegan), you save energy and help save (solve) climate change.

We thank you, Mr. Wael Hmaidan, for sharing your expertise and dedication about the realistic global solutions all individuals can make. May all regions of the world rise to the challenge to save our wonderful planet.