The hidden costs of animal agriculture are extremely high. - 28 Apr 2008  
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 A Union of Concerned Scientists report details the many hidden costs to the US taxpayers from factory farmed animals, which total over US$6 billion per year. These costs include US$1.16 billion per year for waste disposal, between US$1.5 - $3 billion in public health care costs due to overuse of antibiotics in livestock, and US$3.86 billion in grain subsidies for livestock feed.  Other costs include an estimated US$26 billion loss of property values near factory farms and US$4.1 million to clean leakages of waste into air and groundwater. 

Thank you, Union of Concerned Scientists; we appreciate your helping us to see how much money could be saved if we all switch to a vegetarian (vegan) diet.  May the Providence guide us in wisdom to adopt sustainable practices which are economically sound.