Food riots erupt across the globe due to hunger from shortages. - 28 Apr 2008  
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 Besides rice, now cooking oil, wheat and other food staples are running out in countries around the world. Former US Secretary General Kofi Annan said, “We might already be seeing the beginning of major hunger disasters.” The past few months have already witnessed violent protests in over 21 developing countries because of food shortages, as a direct effect of climate change.

Dramatic weather patterns due to global warming are also worsening the situation, as farmers try to cope with crop damage or failure due to extreme conditions such as drought or flooding.
We solemnly heed the warnings of Mr. Kofi Annan and all those whose diligent work is informing us of this dire situation. Our heartfelt prayers go to those most affected, for their quick sustenance and hunger relief. May we quickly meet the pace of change required to halt global warming for the sake of those whose lives already depend on it.,,,