Sea-level rise could double or triple current expectations. - 3 Sep 2008  
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A new study by a team of University of Wisconsin geologists, led by Dr. Anders Carlson, has reported that the Greenland ice sheet, which is melting due to global warming, may cause a rise in sea levels of up to one-third of an inch per year.

Even small increases could affect hundreds of millions of people. A similarly timed study by climate researcher Dr. Allegra LeGrande of New York’s Columbia University shows that glacial melts during the last ice age occurred very quickly. In correcting the perception that the word “glacial” means slow, Dr. LeGrande stated, “This new evidence from the past, paired with our model for predicting future climate, indicates that glacial is anything but slow. Past ice sheets responded quickly to a changing climate, hinting at the potential for a similar response in the future.”

We thank you for these significant studies, Drs. Carlson, LeGrande and associates. With Heaven’s grace, may our actions to reverse the trend of global warming bring restored balance to our biosphere.$1238629.htm