Water scarcity felt throughout US - 28 Nov 2008  
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Water scarcity felt throughout US. 

Dry conditions have affected states all the way from the west to the eastern coasts of the country. In California, a statewide drought was declared, with nine counties applying for emergency water assistance and many nut crops being abandoned. In North Carolina, 59 counties were declared disaster areas following a two-year drought and agricultural yields that were down by more than 50%. Meanwhile, in Texas, over 40% of the state is suffering from drought conditions despite being hit by three hurricanes this year.
We pray for the blessing of gentle rain to replenish these regions, and that more nurturing conditions may soon return to our Earth through our harmonious co-existence with all beings.

During an international seminar with our Association members on August 23, 2008, Supreme Master Ching Hai had expressed her concern for the water shortage in the United States and worldwide.She also offered the solution to this issue which would also save the planet.

Excerpt from Supreme Master Ching Hai’s lecture International Seminar August 23, 2008

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Right now, the Americans already worry about the shortage of water. Their glacier has melted, a lot more than usually. So only a little bit left on the top of some mountains in the west of United States of America. And the river has become drier, and they predict that in a few more years only, couple more years, the water might not be even enough for 23 million people who depend on that water to survive.

Can you imagine? It’s not only happening in Africa. It’s not happening in some dry, desert country. It’s happening even in the United States already, and in Australia and all that. It’s just getting worse and worse now. If I could just go out and beg everybody on the street, “Just please stop eating meat and stop raising stocks and stop using the resources of the Earth, stop wasting water!” I would do that. If people repent in their heart and react quick enough, turn to a vegetarian diet, with the grace from Heaven, with the interference from the positive power, we might be able to save 80% of the population of the planet.