Ice samples show no new accumulation on Himalayan glacier. - 6 Dec 2008  
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Ice samples show no new accumulation on Himalayan glacier.

Glaciologists from Ohio State University in the US report that the latest core ice samples taken from the over 6,000-meter-high Naimona’nyi glacier reveal that no new ice has accumulated on its surface since 1944. With major rivers such as the Ganges dependent upon seasonal Himalayan runoff, many of which are already severely reduced in flow for several months each year, nearly half a billion lives could be threatened by a further loss of water.

Ohio State University researchers, we appreciate your diligent efforts and the sharing of your Himalayan findings. Let us act now, and effectively, by adopting the water-minimizing plant-based diet to better ensure our future on this cherished planet.
On November 26, 2008, in a videoconference with Supreme Master Television staff, Supreme Master Ching Hai had answered the following question regarding the rapid melting of the Himalayan glaciers.

Videoconference with Supreme Master Ching Hai with Supreme Master Television staff Los Angeles, California, USA – November 26, 2008
Mike (m): Scientists in India predicted that by 2035 all of the glaciers in Himalayas will have melted and of course the global warming is the accelerating the melting and this can cause floods and droughts for the people. And Master was in Himalayas about 20-plus years ago and so Master can see the difference between before and what is the condition now. Can Master please share her thoughts about the status of the Himalayas today and your concerns. Thank you, Master.

Supreme Master Ching Hai : Through the scientists and research, it’s been proven already that it’s melting faster than we have expected and that we have imagined.The Ganges River feeds millions of people, depending on the glacier of the Himalaya and if it melted all, then first of all, we’ll have a lot of flood and then we will have drought and dryness afterwards.
Supreme Master Ching Hai :  Because water will not be distributed evenly like it has been done for centuries. Then cities will be drowned, people will die and flood will be everywhere and later we will have no water even. No reservoir anymore. So either way, either a lot of flood or drought, it’s very dangerous for the people, especially the people who depend on the Ganges River and the glacier to survive. I am really worried, but I just pray and hope that the people who are in power will do something.

Mike (m): Understand.

Supreme Master Ching Hai : The only solution is vegetarian diet for everybody and it’s so easy to do. So we just have to do our best and be patient.