Outlying islands may disappear - 4 Mar 2009  
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Indonesia risks losing islands due to climate change. With global warming accelerating, Indonesian Institute of Science (LIPI) researcher Dewi Fortuna Anwar has stated that the outermost islands of the nation are in great danger of being submerged due to rising sea levels. With a total of 17,504 islands, some of which are thought to have already been lost to the sea, it is anticipated that a one-meter rise in sea level would cause 2,000 islands to completely sink along with the disappearance of 405,000 hectares of coastal land.

Our sincere sympathies for those whose lives are impacted by the encroaching coastal waters of climate change. We pray that measures for sustainable living are adopted in nations worldwide for the renewed stability of all lives.

In December 2008, Supreme Master Ching Hai spoke with our Association members about the international threat of sinking islands and other calamities linked to global warming.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: We have already at least 18 islands already sink under the sea. Six meters under the sea already. And another 2000 are sinking or at risk of sinking. It’s more or less like that. It will be many places. Earthquakes are everywhere now. Storm, flood everywhere, more than ever before. Every day you see on Supreme Master TV always something.
People begin vegetarian a lot because they want to save the planet. And saving the planet means saving lives.