Study of ancient coral reef shows catastrophic rise in sea levels. - 1 May 2009  
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Study of ancient coral reef shows catastrophic rise in sea levels.
According to a recent study by Dr Paul Blanchon, marine scientist from the National Autonomous University of Mexico, rapid ice melt of the Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets could lead to sea level rises of several meters, which would inundate international cities like London in the United Kingdom; New York, USA; Tokyo, Japan, and Calcutta, India. With research that focused on fossilized Gulf of Mexico coral reefs dating back 121,000 years, Dr. Blanchon found that warmer temperatures at the time led to the disintegration of the same ice sheets now concerning scientists, causing a rapid jump in sea level at that time. With today’s fast melting of ice in the Antarctic and Greenland, this study on ancient coral reefs warns of the current potential for a disastrous sea-level rise if climate change is not mitigated.

Our sincere thanks, Dr. Blanchon and colleagues for your study that confirms humanity’s precarious situation and the need for all of us to act now to save our planetary home.

In a December 2008 videoconference held in California, USA, Supreme Master Ching Hai called on all global citizens to adopt a more caring lifestyle that halts devastating consequences such as these, thus conserving our lives and the planet.

Videoconference with Supreme Master Ching Hai
California, USA – December 12, 2008

Supreme Master Ching Hai: So many islands have sunk under water already. Many coastal cities’ land has been eroded. Two thousand more islands are sinking, and 18 islands–for what we have known, maybe more, but we don’t know—18 islands including small nation islands already gone, disappeared under water, sometimes 6 meters under water already, and another 40 are or at risk of sinking, or uninhabitable or begins to be uninhabitable because they cannot cultivate anymore because the land became inundated with salty water already.

I want to plead with all the planet people. Please stop killing animals. Please have compassion. Please turn to vegetarian diet. Please be vegan. That is to save yourselves and your children.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: So, organic vegan diet is the answer.

Germany sees record heat in April.
The German Weather Service has just released figures indicating that this April is looking to be the hottest since recordkeeping begun in 1891. With only two days left in April at the time of the report, the average temperature for the month was 11.6 degrees Celsius, which is 4.5 degrees higher than normal. The previous record for April was in 2007, when temperatures were recorded at 4.2 degrees higher than average. German Weather Service President Wolfgang Kusch noted that temperature averages had almost always been exceeded for the last 20 years, and said, “The climate change train is not just rolling, it’s getting faster and faster.”

President Kusch and the German Weather Service, we thank you for your observations that highlight this alarming trend. Let us step swifly together in actions to restore the fragile balance of our planetary home.

Planetary crisis as opportunity for constructive change.
With scientists presenting ever more alarming updates of warming trends accelerating across the globe, voices of hope are valued for bringing real and effective solutions. During the April 26 “Save Our Earth Conference 2009” discussion with dignitaries, VIPs, and the public in South Korea, Supreme Master Ching Hai emphasized the powerful solution of the animal-free diet and expressed her optimism for humanity’s efforts to overcome global warming and create a much better world.

Videoconference with Supreme Master Ching Hai
South Korea – April 26, 2009

Dr. Yoon Seong-Joon – President of IPK energy recycling company (M): Supreme Master Ching Hai, do you expect that global warming can be a good opportunity to change the planet and bring about positive result?

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Sure, Mr. Yoon. I also feel the same. Yes, I do believe that our planet is on the threshold of constructive change, for the better of all inhabitants, including animals, and trees, and plants. If we take this opportunity to work together in changing our bad habits, like the meat eating, the drug taking, the cigarette smoking, the alcohol abusing, then in the same way that many nations have stopped the smoking habit, we can unite as one in immediately bearing witness to the great and miraculous change that will take place on our planet. I am waiting for that moment, when all live in peace and harmony, and retaining our compassionate noble quality which is a part of God, because we are children of God, we are the children of the Buddha.

VOICE: Some of the diverse participants shared their thoughts following the unique conference with Supreme Master Ching Hai.

Oh Sang-Yoon – University student, new vegetarian (M): I didn’t expect that I could talk with Master. It was truly an honor and so meaningful. I knew that it’s a problem, but I didn’t think it’s important, as it was an issue for 20 years ago, before I was born. But I changed at this conference.

Supreme Master TV: Do you have any word for worldwide viewers?

Oh Sang-Yoon (M): I wish that we all go vegetarian, and encourage non-vegetarian to do vegetarian diet, and with love, we save the world from global warming.

Mr. Gang Chang-Il – Congressman of South Korean General Assembly (M): Vegetarianism, curbing CO2 emissions, organic farming, etc., are all tasks that will help save our Earth. How we’re to save the Earth is a matter closely connected with how to save the environment, and how to save lives.

Conference participants: Be Veg, Go Green, Save the Planet!

VOICE: We are grateful to Supreme Master Ching Hai for her steadfast faith and full encouragement in humans’ efforts. May we all bear witness to the day that the small lifestyle changes we make bring about immense transformations on the planet, through which all beings may prosper in peace.

In her latest Public Service Announcement for People for Ethical Treatment for Animals (PETA), American actress Emily Deschanel urges everyone to make the switch to a vegan diet for the biggest impact to reducing greenhouse gases.