Latest model predicts twice the temperature rise from climate change - 30 May 2009  
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Latest model predicts twice the temperature rise from climate change.
Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the US have made new calculations based on the most up-to-date data from peer reviewed research, to gain a better understanding of climate change.
These accommodate such factors as black carbon’s natural cooling effects that have masked some previous warming, along with ocean temperature increases that reduce the ocean’s ability to absorb CO2.

Their evaluations have led to a projected 5.2 degrees Celsius median temperature increase by 2100, which is considerably higher than earlier estimates of 2.4 degrees.

These findings make mitigating action that much more urgent.Our appreciation Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers and colleagues for expanding our understanding of the perils faced by our precious planet.

We look forward to humanity’s rapid and effective actions in working together toward a sustainable future .  Supreme Master Ching Hai has frequently cautioned about the effects of human activities on global warming. During an October 2008 videoconference in Thailand, she spoke of ways to reverse this trend, with the plant-based diet offering the quickest solution.

Supreme Master Ching Hai:Nature can help to absorb some of the carbon dioxide but we overload nature, so we have problem right now and we continue to have problem if we are not doing anything to prevent further destruction of the planet. There are already some advanced science to capture CO2 and mix it with sea water to create cement.

That will reduce CO2 used by other cement-producing method as well and also reduce new CO2 from polluting the air. It’s in the making still and I hope it will be beneficial and on time so that we have enough time to prevent the global warming. But still, any new technology takes so long to develop and to be in the market.

The best solution, the quickest, the most benevolent that can change everything from black to white immediately is the vegetarian diet because compassion begets compassion.

Scandinavian heirs embark on climate change visit.
Crown Prince Haakon of Norway, Princess Victoria of Sweden and Prince Frederik of Denmark are traveling together on a four-day research expedition to Greenland, to see firsthand the impact of climate change to the land and her people.

Together with a group of world-renowned researchers, the three royal heirs are also participating in research seminars on board the ship Ejnar Mikkelsen during their visit to locations that include Greenland’s Ilulissat glacier, which has retreated over 15 kilometers in just the past few years.Your Royal Highnesses of Norway, Sweden and Denmark, we respectfully laud your commitment to highlighting the effects of climate change through your firsthand observations.

May your noble leadership bring forth a quickening of actions to care for our ecosystem through green and vegan solutions.