Climate change claims lives, impacts economy - 1 Jun 2009  
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Climate change claims lives, impacts economy.
Research commissioned by the Switzerland-based Global Humanitarian Forum estimates that climate change is already responsible for some 315,000 deaths a year, with another 325 million people who are severely affected.

This comes in addition to an economic loss of US$125 billion every year. The worst affected are eveloping nations in Africa, with other very threatened areas being in South Asia and small island countries. The report urges boosted efforts to adapt to the quickly changing conditions.

Many thanks, scientists and Global Humanitarian Forum, for these quantitative insights into the evastation
of global warming.

We pray that citizens awaken and move quickly to save lives and the planet. During a July 2008 videoconference with Supreme Master Television staff, Supreme Master Ching Hai reminded of our environment’s dire state and the need for a vital, global shift in action.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: It’s not a matter of personal choice anymore. It’s a planetary life and death matter. If meat eating not be banned or not be limited, then the whole planet will be gone. This is a life and death matter for everybody; it’s not a personal choice. And we are eating meat, eating up the whole planet, eating up 90% of the food supply and let other people hungry. It’s not  necessary choice
at all.

New film premieres on the race to save the planet.
This year’s World Environment Day on June 5 will be the first that a film is simultaneously released in over 50 nations.

The eco-friendly movie, 『Home,』 will come out mainly free of charge in movie theaters, television, DVD, and the Internet. Director Yann Bertrand worked tirelessly for 18 months to be able to offer this film as an aerial view of the toll that human activity is taking on Earth.

We know that the solutions are there today.  We all have the power to change. So what are we waiting for?

VOICE: Yann Bertrand recently won the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) Champions of the Earth Award. He hopes to reach as many people as possible in every corner of the globe to remind of our individual and shared responsibility for the planet’s welfare. In light of his earnest wish for humankind’s sustainability and good stewardship of the planet, Yann Bertrand commented about meat industry.

Director Yann Bertrand Director, 『Home』(M): Eating less meat is certainly one way to live better, to send less CO2 and methane in the atmosphere.

Because meat is unfortunately responsible for a lot of deforestation and meat nowadays costs an enormous amount of energy. Besides, livestock farming is one of the largest emitters of greenhouse gases, before transportation, so it must be realized, because methane is a gas that is 20 times more potent as a greenhouse gas than CO2. That’s it, therefore, eat less meat; it is better for nature and the environment.

VOICE: We sincerely appreciate Director Yann Bertrand’s caring endeavors in offering the hope and determination needed to halt these detrimental trends. Surely, as people are inspired toward more compassionate lifestyles, our planet will flourish for many generations to come.

The Antro Solo: Hungary’s latest eco car.
The non-profit Antro Group has created a hybrid solar and gas electric vehicle that also has sports pedals for each passenger, providing another alternative to power the generator.

The lightweight Antro Solo has a fuel efficiency of over 150 miles per gallon, can reach 80 miles per hour, and lowers carbon dioxide emissions by 75% compared to conventionally fueled vehicles.

A local trip of 10 to 15 miles can be fully powered by the solar cells on its carbon fiber roof. The Solo is expected to be on the road by 2012 at a cost of approximately US$18,000. Kudos Antro Group for this ingenious eco-friendly innovation! May our streets soon be filled with environmentally
sound transportation such as yours.