Earth may be headed for sixth mass extinction - 26 Jun 2009  
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Earth may be headed for sixth mass extinction.

Using risk factors and computer modeling to predict the rates at which mammals will become extinct, Dr. Ana Davidson of the University of New Mexico, USA and other animal conservationists state that a quarter of all mammals are now at risk of vanishing permanently.

With 83% of the Earth’s land surface now impacted by humans, the species included for consideration were drawn from a list of over 1,100 endangered mammals, compiled by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUC N).

Factors considered in the extinction risk calculations included climate change, deforestation, and illegal poaching. While it saddens our hearts for the loss of  precious beings, we offer our gratitude, Dr. Davidson and associates, for these insights to help us further protect

our precious co-inhabitants. Blessed be endeavors such as yours to safeguard all beings in the ecosphere.
In a March 2009 climate change videoconference in Mexico, Supreme Master Ching Hai conveyed once more her care for Earth’s inhabitants, including a reminder of the irreplaceable enrichment provided by animals on our planet.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Just return to compassion and respect for all the life. That is the principle we must uphold to ensure that the animals do not disappear, because, that would be tragic for us humans, too.
Imagine our planet without animals at all. All the dogs gone, cats gone, birds gone, fish gone, buffalos gone, elephants gone; imagine, none of the animals survive, how would we live?

If all humanity lives with the animal-free diet, and lives in respect to nature and other life, then we will have a Heaven on Earth.


Brazil increases allocation for small family farms.

The Brazilian government announced this week that it would invest US$7.6 billion for family farming and gardening in an effort to increase food production in the nation.

The fund, which represents a 525% increase since 2003, will go towards materials, teaching and equipment to support the 2009/2010 harvest of primarily beans, corn,rice, wheat and tapioca.

Farmers can also benefit from access to insurance compensation against climate problems. Bravo Brazil! We celebrate your wise leadership and generous support of such a meaningful endeavor.

May your nation’s families be ever blessed with fruit and veg abundance and prosperous blessings from above! 


A cup of water only! An eco-washing machine from the UK.

Developed by Professor Stephen Burkinshaw of the University of Leeds, this new environmentally-friendly washing machine that uses one cup of water per load is scheduled for production in 2010.

Capable of saving billions of liters of water each year, the machine use less than 10 percent of that consumed by its conventional counterparts, along with 30 percent less energy.

A small amount of water and detergent are needed to loosen stains and create water vapor, which then releases thousands of reusable plastic beads to attract and absorb dirt.

The technology will become available first to commercial customers such as hotels and dry cleaners and then will next be produced for household customers.

Wow, what a fascinating eco-development! Our green salute, Professor Burkinshaw and colleagues at the University of Leeds for such a water and energy-saving device! We look forward seeing this innovative appliance soon available for Earth-friendly consumers worldwide.