An American architect works to build self-sufficient homes in Haiti. - 19 Apr 2011  
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Mr. Michael Reynolds, founder of Earthship Biotecture in New Mexico, USA, has offered his environmentally friendly design for Haitian people who have been without homes since the devastating January 2010 earthquake.
In Port-au-Prince, with a team including 40 local Haitians aged 4 to 50, Mr. Reynolds constructed an “Earthship” residence out of recycled materials.

The group built the 120-square foot demonstration model with salvaged items such as bottles, tires, and styrofoam from the area. Cement debris was ground up to help make flooring and walls. The structure was created to be earthquake and hurricane resistant and promote low-energy usage.

A heartfelt salute, Mr. Michael Reynolds, for your eco-friendly concepts and dedication to Haitian brethren. Also, our thankfulness, Haitian building team, for your supportive efforts. May all beautiful citizens of your nation be blessed with safe and comfortable homes on a calm and long-lasting Earth.