Carbon dioxide levels at record high - 8 May 2009  
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Measurements from the Zeppelin research station in northern Norway indicate that the level of carbon dioxide
in the atmosphere last week measured over 397 parts per million; a record high that represents an increase of more than 2.5 parts per million compared to 2008. These figures are consistent with ones recently released by the US National Atmospheric and Oceanic Administration (NOAA), whose averaged measurements of total global CO2 concentration topped 386 parts per million.

Climate scientists advise that we must keep CO2 levels below 450 parts per million to avoid the catastrophes that would come with a 2 degrees Celsius rise in temperature compared to pre-industrial global averages.
Dr. Johan Strom, professor of atmospheric physics at the Norwegian Polar Institute, explained a further concern, saying, “What is very worrying is the speed of change. Levels here are now increasing 2-3 parts per million a year... Never before have CO2 levels increased so fast.” Dr. Strom, Norwegian Polar Institute and National Atmospheric and Oceanic Administration, we appreciate this latest update on our planet’s perilous state.

May such urgent information lend speed to our actions in adopting sustainable lifestyles in harmony with the ecosphere.

During a July 2008 videoconference with our Association members in Thailand, Supreme Master Ching Hai caringly reminded once again of the solution that will bring peace and restoration to our planet.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Meat eating produces 80% of global warming from pollution. So if we just stop meat eating, stop killing animals for food, then that 80% gas pollution will disappear. And we will live in peace, health, happiness, and long life again.Because of related pollution from various angles; transportation, water, trees felling, deforestation, refrigeration, medical care for animals and humans, and etc., etc., all kinds of pollution coming from meat production. There’s no end to the list.

Everybody knows it. All the scientists already reported to us. We have to reduce 80% of the pollution from the gas and everything else. And stop eating the animals. That is the only way to stop immediately the 80% gas pollution. The rest, 20%, more or less, nature can absorb and take care of it and the Earth can repair herself.