Antarctic glacier melting more rapidly than ever - 3 Sep 2009  
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Antarctic glacier melting more rapidly than ever.
One of Antarctica’s largest ice masses, the Pine Island glacier, has been found to be losing volume at a rate of up to 16 meters a year, or four times faster than just ten years ago.

The glacier’s expected lifespan has also been adjusted from an anticipated 600 years to now just one century before it is completely gone.

Study scientist Professor Andrew Shepherd of Leeds University in the UK stated, “This is unprecedented in this area of Antarctica. We've known that it's been out of balance for some time, but nothing in the natural world is (being) lost at an accelerating exponential rate like this glacier.”

Corresponding to the unprecedented melt are serious implications for sea level rise, with expected global increases of at least 30 centimeters.

Professor Shepherd and colleagues, we appreciate your candid evaluation, despite its alarming implications.
Let us take heed and quickly unite in adopting planet cooling ways to preserve our fragile ecosphere. Addressing such instabilities of our Earth, Supreme Master Ching Hai offered reassurance during the March 2009 “Juice Fast for Peace” videoconference in California, USA, saying that humanity’s adoption of noble standards is the best protection.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Before, the United Nations predicted that one meter sea level rise would be very catastrophic already and causing a lot of people to lose their homes.

But scientists have learned that Greenland and western Antarctica and eastern Antarctica are all melting now which had not been a factor before. Based on these findings, one scientist says:

If all Antarcticas were to melt, thenthe sea level could rise up to 70 meters!
So, there’s no way we can run away from this except we turn to a virtuous way of life, then we are connected with Heaven because Heaven is virtuous and love and blessing.
I see no other way we can protect ourselves at all.
Meat diet depletes water resources in China.
A study by the International Water Management Institute and the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) found that China’s per capita water usage for food production has almost doubled since 1985, a trend that is already unsustainable and would prove even more so if continued.

Dr. Junguo Liu of the Beijing Forestry University explained that food consumption patterns are the main reason for the worsening water situation, saying, “A switch from traditional rice and noodles to a meatier diet is behind the change.”

He cautioned other developing countries about similar water shortages induced by such disadvantageous changes in diet.

Our heartfelt thanks, Dr. Junguo Liu and associates for calling attention to the eco-damaging effects of meat consumption. To restore the balance of precious resources and the environment, let us all turn toward the many benefits of the plant-based diet.

UN chief travels to research centers in the Arctic.
Following a visit to witness first-hand the effects of global warming in the Arctic region, United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon called for urgent action in the upcoming climate change meeting in December.
Aboard a Norwegian vessel, he stated his wish that leaders would reach an accord that is balanced for both the future of humanity and the planet, saying, “We do not have much time to lose.”

We thank Your Excellency for your concerned commitment and support your sense of urgency. Wishing that world leaders join in the same view to implement changes that will sustain all life on Earth.

Extra News
Copenhagen, Denmark is supporting a citywide expansion of bike routes, hoping to boost cycling commuters to 50% by 2015, with the support of citizens as well as His Royal Highness the Crown Prince Frederik André Henrik Christian, who regularly commutes by bicycle.

Sponsored by US-based conservation group WildAid, China’s official news agency, Xinhua, is creating public service ads to help preserve threatened and endangered species.

US Senator John Kerry writes of the imminent threats of climate change, saying that we have no time to neglect the scientific facts or catastrophes will become irreversible, with worsening conditions for human security and worldwide instability.