Rapid ocean acidification disastrous for marine life - 14 Oct 2009  
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Rapid ocean acidification disastrous for marine life.
Following their research on the Svalbard archipelago, a group of islands mid-way between Norway and the Arctic North Pole, Professor Jean-Pierre Gattuso and team from France’s National Centre for Scientific Research estimated that in less than a decade a portion of the Arctic Ocean will be so acidic it will corrode
the shells of mussels and other sea creatures.

Professor Gattuso and his team of oceanographers reached this startling forecast as they realized from their first-hand studies that the acidification is more advanced than scientists previously realized.

Because carbon dioxide is more soluble in cold water than warm, the Arctic Ocean is particularly vulnerable. However, other seas are also susceptible, as Professor Gattuso stated: “Over the whole planet, there will be a threefold increase in the average acidity of the oceans, which is unprecedented during the past
20 million years.”

Professor Gattuso and National Centre for Scientific Research colleagues, we are grateful for this warning and ask that people everywhere join hands in sustainable efforts to save our planet and her fragile marine ecosystems.

Wishing to assist humanity in this urgent situation, Supreme Master Ching Hai highlighted our responsibility and role in being part of the solution during a March 2009 videoconference in California, USA.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: There’s another condition called acidification where the lack of certain fish has contributed to higher ocean acidity which, in turn, reduces the capacity of the ocean to absorb CO2.

And the ocean is a very complex ecosystem where every living thing has a unique function. So, removing even a small fish for humans to eat creates an imbalance in the sea.
In fact, we are already seeing an effect of this imbalance on marine mammals.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: : As the ocean becomes warmer and warmer and more acidic, more toxins are present in the water.
Supreme Master Ching Hai: : Anything God puts on Earth is for a purpose. We should not kill anything. We should not eat anything except the plant-based diet.


Meat is legal murder.
Through government and community awareness campaigns, it has become widely known that alcohol, drugs, and tobacco are lethal toxic substances, costing many lives. Increasingly however, studies show that animal products are also directly linked to fatal diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes, including in children.

Meanwhile, livestock production is also the main cause of global warming. During the October 11 videoconference on climate change in Formosa (Taiwan), honored guest Supreme Master Ching Hai responded to a question about whether a tax on meat, similar to taxes imposed on tobacco products, would be a solution.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: The best is to abolish meat all together. Because unlike tobacco, drugs and alcohol, animal consuming is eating up our planet, is killing us humans, and destroying our only home, that soon we might not even have a planet to live on, for our children to continue to live on. We have no time to waste now as in the case of the other three poisonous substances, namely drugs, alcohol and tobacco. Even if we put labels or warning on meat package it’s not sufficient. Now we can see meat is everywhere, legally killing us and our children, legally killing our planet, killing the environment in massive scales.

We must stop animal production now and at all costs if we want to keep this planet called home.
The government gives subsidies to the animal industry anyway. So these subsidies can also be used instead to turn meat and related businesses into wholesome
vegan businesses: Good for the people.
Good for the business.
Good for the planet.
Doing this we only gain hugely.
Not just immediately, but for the long, long run, and we can keep this planet forever and make it into a paradise by just throwing that meat away and stop the animal industry.
Meat is killing millions,billions of people, killing our planet, our only home. We have to do something about this crime. It’s really simple to be veg, and it is the only way to a future for ourselves and all beings in this world.

VOICE: Our appreciation, caring conference participants, and gratefulness to Supreme Master Ching Hai for her words that ring with truth, practicality, and love for all beings.

May we lose not a moment in our global transition to the organic vegan diet, which indeed will save our loved ones among all lives on Earth.Please tune in to Supreme Master Television’s Words of Wisdom for the full rebroadcast of this live event at a later date, with multi-language subtitles.

Arab ministers agree on water diplomacy program to secure peace.
Forty experts from Arab countries’ ministries of water and foreign affairs gathered in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates for a three-day seminar to create co-operative water plans.

World Bank experts launched the meeting with data from a report that will be presented at the upcoming Copenhagen climate change forum, showing that Middle East water per capita is expected to decrease 50 percent by 2050, even without including the effects of climate change.

Senior water adviser at the World Bank David Grey pointed out that over 95% of the world’s population resides in nations where at least one water course is shared with other countries.

Affirming that this is true for some 70% of the Arab region’s waters, His Excellency Majid Al Mansouri, Secretary General of Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi stated, “To avoid conflict, these resources and their distribution must be managed carefully to ensure the interests of the countries involved are protected.” 

Your Excellency and Arab water and foreign ministry water experts, we laud your cooperative efforts to share and conserve regional water resources. Wishing you fruitful success in finding solutions for the abundant benefit of all.


Extra News
Researchers in India state that the massive amounts of fresh water entering the ocean from melting ice sheets in Greenland could weaken ocean currents and reduce temperature variations that give rise to the Indian summer monsoon.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency’s Green Power Partnership is honoring computer company Intel Corporation, Shaklee Corporation, Applied Materials, Inc., and Butte College for their commitment and contributions in helping advance the nation’s voluntary sustainable energy market.