Toxic algae linked to mass extinctions - 9 Nov 2009  
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Toxic algae linked to mass extinctions.
In the five largest planetary extinctions of the Earth’s history, US scientists have found a consistent increase in the number of algae mats on the planet during those times.

By studying some of the oldest sea records of life on Earth, the researchers found that such toxic algae blooms could have been responsible for countless deaths as they poisoned marine life and the roots of plants in soil, which were then consumed by animals. Lead scientists James Castle and John Rodgers stated that current conditions of global warming are causing the same type of poisonous algae to migrate northward in the United States, through inland waterways and along the coast.

They cautioned that this spread foretells trouble for fish, wildlife and humans as the blooms increasingly contaminate reservoirs and other drinking water sources. Toxic algae formations linked to climate change and runoff associated with livestock production have already been fatal to animals and in some cases, humans,
in places such as Brittany, France; Wales in the United Kingdom and Wisconsin, USA.

Drs. Castle, Rodgers and colleagues, our sincere thanks for these facts about the Earth’s history that are so relevant to our own time. Let us quickly return to harmonious lifestyles to halt such harmful trends and allow our cherished Earth to be restored.

Supreme Master Ching Hai has often cautioned of such damaging effects of global warming, as during a May 2009 videoconference in Togo, while also sharing the reassurance of a sustainable solution.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: The marine ecosystem is in big trouble right now from global warming already. If those fish are all gone, we will see a catastrophic loss of other marine species as well. The coastal ecosystems will also be affected greatly by diseases and algae blooms that release toxins.

The ocean is a wonderful recycler that normally can purify the water and create nutrients and turn carbon dioxide into oxygen, etc. The ocean is a miracle.
It is in our interest to care for the oceans if we want to survive, and all the life that they contain, including fish. No animal products at all; that is the best way. We should be vegan.


Shanghai among cities most at risk.
Among the dozens of prominent world cities that are at risk from rising sea waters due to global warming is China’s largest, which stands just 3 meters above sea level. Dr. Stefan Rahmstorf, a respected expert at Germany's Potsdam Institute who specializes in the physics of the oceans, estimates that at least a 1 meter rise will occur in the next hundred years with much more in the coming centuries.

While Shanghai has large barrier walls in place, the advancing sea is already tainting ground water and eroding precious topsoil that is the basis for the country’s agriculture.
Other Chinese cities along the Yangtze River Delta region, home to some 80 million people, are also threatened by the rising waters.

Our gratefulness, Dr. Rahmstorf and other Potsdam Institute professionals, for your valued findings, disturbing as they are to hear. Thinking of the billions who would be affected by such unchecked sea levels, we pray that everyone steps in unison toward sustainable lifestyles to protect our ecosphere.

As on many previous occasions, Supreme Master Ching Hai expressed her concern about the perilous state of our Earth during the March 2009 Juice Fast for Peace videoconference in California, USA.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Where are we going with this kind of rising levels? Even if we dig a hole… Nowadays, they have something like the tube ready for you, like a room, and then you can put it in the Earth to protect yourself from climate change, from gases and all that, but how can we protect ourselves in this case when the sea level rises 70 meters and buries everything in its wake?

And no more food, no more agriculture, nothing! No animals even to eat. Even if we want to eat meat, there will be nothing left for us. We have to change to a vegetarian diet,  animal-free diet.  Animal industry must be out. That’s it.


US university turns industrial byproducts to green cement.
Presented at the November 5 Energy Systems Conference at the Technology Transfer Center in Shreveport, Louisiana, researchers from Louisiana Tech University unveiled the most recent eco-friendly development in the building industry.

Utilizing ‘fly ash’, which is a byproduct of coal-fired power plants, the new geopolymer cement reduces not only industrial waste but also 90 percent of the atmospheric CO2 generated by the concrete industry.

In comparison to conventional Portland cement, this concrete is also more resistant to corrosion, fire, and earthquakes, as well as having a lifespan that can extend for centuries rather than decades.

What an amazing green development! Many thanks, Louisiana Tech University searchers for your efforts, and we can’t wait to see this carbon-reducing material in structures everywhere.

US scientists discover that starfishes ingest the human equivalent of 7 liters of cold seawater to endure the heat of sun exposure at low tides, a regulating mechanism that is adversely affected by ocean warming due to climate change.

Yvo de Boer, Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) announces that 40 leaders have so far committed to attend the climate change talks in Copenhagen, Denmark in December.