Tipping points could arrive suddenly - 16 Feb 2010  
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Tipping points could arrive suddenly.
A recent study by Dr. Alan Hastings, professor at University of California, Davis in the USA and one of the world’s foremost mathematical model experts, forecasts that sudden shifts in the Earth’s natural systems could arrive precipitously, without warning. Such tipping points, which could come in response to global warming effects like the disappearance of Arctic sea ice in summer, would lead to more dramatic and relentless changes in climate, in turn disrupting other ecosystems and larger weather patterns.

Other effects that could trigger tipping points include accelerated ice loss from Greenland and the Antarctic, leading to massive sea level rises, and carbon dioxide saturation of ocean waters, with acidification that would endanger all life.

Dr Hastings offered a warning summary of the study’s implications as he stated, “This means that some effects of global climate change on ecosystems can be seen only once the effects are dramatic.

By that point, returning the system to a desirable state will be difficult, if not impossible.” Dr. Hastings, we are grateful for your expert voice on this urgent topic.

Let us avert such disturbing consequences by adopting harmonious and sustainable lifestyles now. Speaking with concern about such sudden environmental changes, Supreme Master Ching Hai highlighted the key to their prevention during an October 2008 global warming videoconference in Thailand.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: There’s no other way we can prevent such a disaster like this. We can only wait and see because we don’t know when it will strike us and where and what we can prepare anyway.

Even if we stockpile some food and all that, it is not always helpful. It just makes the world food shortage worsen. So, we can only rely on the good karma that we can create. And that we can do.

We can save ourselves right now by turning into vegan diet which is benevolent, which is very compassionate, and by being compassionate to others, Heaven will be compassionate to us.

Everything will return to a more peaceful abundance because Heaven is merciful. And we have to start to be merciful like Heaven; then we can experience Heaven.

Extra News
Researchers at US-based IBM corporation develop thin-film solar cells with 40% increased efficiency along with reduced material cost. 

The US state of Minnesota is testing a permeable pavement surface that absorbs melting snow to prevent high-saline runoff from road salt, thus protecting the ecosystem.