Regions worldwide gripped by heat waves as globe heads for hottest year ever - 11 Aug 2010  
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Regions worldwide gripped by heat waves as globe heads for hottest year ever.
Analysis of extensive data has led eminent climatologists such as Dr. James Hansen of the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration to state that 2010 is set to become the hottest year in recorded history.

Thermometers around the world are reflecting this same movement, with recent prolonged droughts and excessive heat in China and India, along with more recent record-setting highs in Ukraine and Belarus.
In Russia, where peat and forest fires continue to burn, the head of the Russian Meteorological Center stated that the country is enduring its longest heat wave in a millennium.

Meanwhile, high temperatures in Japan’s Tokyo Bay were found to have caused the death of up to 80% of its baby-neck clams, as human lives were also lost in the USA’s Midwest and South during early August, where the National Climatic Data Center reported more than 200 record temperatures in the state of Mississippi alone.

Experts warn that warmer waters resulting from these heat waves may also increase hurricanes. Professor Michael Mann, a noted climatologist at Pennsylvania State University in the USA, has explained that such global warming-induced temperatures would become ever more damaging over time, leading to widespread chaos as nations suffer from the upheaval caused by their damaging effects.

Our appreciation, Dr. Hansen, Professor Mann and all other scientists and officials working to increase our understanding of the perilous tolls of climate change.
Let us quickly step in unison toward actions that restore the safety of our shared planetary home. During an October 2009 videoconference in Indonesia, Supreme Master Ching Hai addressed the increasing urgency of human-caused global warming, describing at the same time the most effective measure to counteract its dangers.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: The atmospheric temperatures are rising so steeply that we do not have much time left to change. And that is just what has been predicted up to date.

The effects of climate change can be seen in so many ways, with increased flooding, droughts, fires and even earthquakes everywhere in the world.  How do we stop these alarming changes ?

The greenhouse gases released from the animals, from their waste, agricultural runoff, and the activities related to these massive operations have been identified as the primary, the number one cause of global warming.
We have to halt the meat consumption and the livestock raising. Instead, we should choose to buy organic vegetable and fruit products to save our lives and those of our families, save the animals and the planet.

Extra News
US researchers forecast that the little brown bat in the northeastern United States is facing 99% certain extinction from a disease called white-nosed syndrome within 20 years if climate conditions continue.