Oceanic species threatened with extinction - 6 Aug 2009  
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Oceanic species threatened with extinction.
A team of 14 scientists compiling information from more than 24,000 scientific publications have concluded that biodiversity loss in the Oceanic region continues at an alarming rate.

With fishing, hunting, pollution and climate change being cited as some of the reasons for the species’ decline, study scientist Professor Richard Kingsford of Australia’s University of New South Wales stated, “We have an amazing natural environment … but so much of it is being destroyed before our eyes.” The researchers are urging governments for quick action to halt habitat loss and other human-caused threats.

Many thanks, Professor Kingsford and colleagues for your careful research and concerned call to action.
Let us act in unison and join the call to encourage governments worldwide toward green measures that preserve our world’s unique biodiversity.  During a May 2009 climate change videoconference in Lomé, Togo, Supreme Master Ching Hai encouraged humans’ care of their marine co-inhabitants to restore the living oceans.
Supreme Master Ching Hai : If we say that the ocean ecosystems are dependent on fish populations to be balanced, then those ecosystems are extremely imbalanced right now.
Scientists estimate that more than 90% of the oceans’ big fish have disappeared over the last 50 years due to commercial fishing. And from the oceans themselves, we are seeing other signs such as warming temperatures, rising sea levels, increasing acidification and terrible levels of pollution.

This is an equally urgent situation as the one presented by livestock industry, and it has the exact same solution. Stop eating the flesh; stop killing for food; stop eating the fish.This will help restore the balance of both the ocean and land, immediately.
http://www.telegraph.co.uk/e arth/environment/conservation/5928690/Australia-and-thePacific-

People hospitalized from China chemical plant pollution.
Over the weekend, 509 villagers in central China’s Hunan province were found to have high concentrations of the toxic metal cadmium, with 33 requiring hospitalization.

This followed a series of leaks from a chemical plant,which released lethal pollutants into water that was needed for local rice and vegetable crop irrigation. Ingestion of cadmium, a metal used in battery production, can lead to central nervous system and lung failure, and may cause severe brain damage.

It saddens us to know of those suffering, and we pray for their soon recovery. Blessed be all eco-conscious endeavors to protect both people and the environment.

New species of songbird discovered in Laos.
Scientists from the US-based Wildlife Conservation Society and Australia’s University of Melbourne have announced the find of a bare-faced bulbul in a remote Laotian forest.

With olive green feathers, a light-colored breast and a featherless pink face, the songbird makes its home in the forest among limestone mountains called karsts. The Wildlife Conservation Society said that the habitat of these birds is now officially protected, with a new species of rodent and a striped rabbit having also been found in the region.

What amazing discoveries! Many thanks, US and Australian scientists for sharing these findings.We continue to be in awe of Heaven's wondrous creations that grace and balance our planet.

Russian premier advocates environmental measures.
Prime Minister Vladmir Putin joined the scientific crew on a mini-submarine dive to the bottom of Lake Baikal,the world’s largest, where he observed the water’s purity and affirmed the importance of maintaining a pristine environment alongside human development.

The following day at an environmental conference, which focused on the re-opening of a paper mill that had been closed to protect the lake, the prime minister called for the rapid implementation of eco-friendly technology.

He stated, “We are going to listen to the environmentalists' warnings. We will move towards finding a balance between nature preservation and the needs of local people.”

Our gratitude, Your Excellency, for highlighting the importance of environmental care. Wishing you and the Russian people abundant success in ensuring the natural fruitfulness and beauty of your lands.

Extra News
The State Board of Public Utilities in New Jersey, USA approves US$515 million for green energy projects which are anticipated to more than double the solar power generated in the state.  

Tesco supermarkets in the UK launch a program asking shoppers to leave behind unneeded product packaging, which the stores will recycle and analyze for further packaging eco-efficiency.

An eco-friendly Rakshabandhan, a Hindu festival celebrating sibling relations, will be commemorated with tree protective measures and sustainable messages.