French Alpine glacier at risk of bursting - 12 Aug 2010  
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Glaciologists at the National Center for Scientific Research in France (CNRS) (Centre national de la recherche scientifique) have discovered trapped pockets of water beneath the Tête Rousse glacier on Mont Blanc.
The experts warn that the 65,000 cubic meters of water that has collected inside the glacier could burst, potentially destroying the 900 homes and other structures in the region.

In a similar event in 1892, 200 people lost their lives. The region’s current 3,000 residents have been alerted, and drilling operations to drain the water are planned to begin by August 15.
Dr. Christian Vincent of CNRS stated that the pockets were ultimately the result of global warming, which had melted the glacier’s protective snow cover.

This in turn has caused the exposed surface to transmit winter cold more readily to where the water collected in regions below, with the normal channels becoming frozen and no longer able to drain.

Many thanks, Dr. Vincent and associates at the French National Center for Scientific Research, for revealing this imminent danger as we also appreciate the efforts to address it.
Our prayers for swift public awareness that brings widely sustainable actions to eliminate such global warming hazards as these.

In a May 2008 videoconference in South Korea, Supreme Master Ching Hai shared deeper insight on how we can better avoid such threatening environmental dangers through our own conscious actions.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: It’s not only global warming that will be facing us. There will be other things like sunspots exploding and we also have comets that might hit the Earth, and we might have even explosive-like volcanoes from the middle of the Earth, from the ocean that will blow everything up.

So, it’s not the technical problem, it’s not the technical reparation we have to concentrate on. It’s the retribution, the cause and retribution that we have to pay attention to.

So, we just have to stop killing. We just have to stop killing animals and man. We have to stop it. And then everything else will suddenly come clear. We will find better technical means to tackle the climate problem.

Everything else will turn to peaceful way of life because we create peace and then we will have peace. Peace not only among humans but among all co-inhabitants. That’s why I keep emphasizing the vegetarian diet.