Antarctica to welcome youngest Asian visitor. -3 Feb 2011  
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On Friday, January 28, nine-year-old Phạm Vũ Thiều Quang from Âu Lạc (Vietnam) and his father embarked on their journey to explore Antarctica. The father and son flew to Argentina, and from there will go to the southernmost city of Ushuia to board the British ship MS Fram along with other international explorers to sail to the South Pole.

In preparation for his adventure, Thiều Quang did various physical exercises advised by experts, as well as practicing his photography skills. The young explorer, who is the youngest Asian to set foot on the frozen southern continent, seeks to raise public awareness about climate change and environmental protection.

Bravo on your noble adventure, Thiều Quang! Wishing you fruitful success in bringing back information to share so that many people are further awakened to the need for more sustainable lifestyles to better care for our cherished planetary home. Pole/20111/123513.vov Antarctica/3/107112.epi vietnamese-sets-off-for-south-pole-1.20323