Relief news update from the United Kingdom - 10 Dec 2009  
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Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association relief news update from the United Kingdom.
Torrential downpours and powerful winds inundated parts of Wales, Scotland and especially Cumbria county in northwest England on November 19. Tragically, there was at least one fatality, including policeman Bill Barker who succumbed to floodwaters as rivers burst their banks and a bridge collapsed.

In Cumbria, 1,300 households were affected, and with waters reaching up to 2.5 meters, and 200 residents of the worst-affected town of Cockermouth were forced from their homes as emergency services had to rescue another 200 people.

Conveying her sorrow and prayers, Supreme Master Ching Hai donated £10,000 for emergency materials to the family of PC Barker and other victims, to bring help and comfort.

On November 24, our Association’s relief team headed to Cockermouth, covering their own travel expenses, where they found that although the regional governments were providing comprehensive relief aid, it would take months for many to recover.

Disaster victim 1 (F):[The water] came up through the front, the back, the windows, and it came right up to the ceiling. There's a lot of people who don't have insurance and there have been people that have been killed.

Disaster victim 2 (F): My partner and I were actually rescued by boat from the top window. There was a big whirlpool outside.
Owner of damaged store, relief recipient (M): There's never ever been anything like this before - never ever!
VOICE: The relief team distributed monetary aid of £100 to £200 along with informative SOS flyers to shop owners, who expressed their deep gratitude for Master’s love.

Our Association members also purchased fruits, nuts and vegan margarine for the local church, which was supplying people with snacks and hot drinks. The relief team visited the police station to inquire if any aid was needed for the widow of the late policeman Bill Barker, and they were told that a liaison officer would contact them.

Traveling next to Keswick, they met a young couple with a newborn baby who had been forced by flooding to leave their home. Upon receiving a contribution of £500 with SOS flyers, the couple shed tears of gratitude.
In the town of Workington, another displaced young couple with a 10-day-old baby was given £1,000 and flyers. The overjoyed couple sent a big thank you to Master.

Owner of damaged store, relief recipient (M): Supreme Master Ching Hai is fantastic and thank you very much indeed!

VOICE: Our sincere appreciate on, government officials, emergency personnel and all volunteers who have helped ease the situation in the flood-hit regions. We are also thankful for Supreme Master Ching Hai’s attentive care of the vulnerable, and for the sincere efforts of our Association’s relief team.

With the grace of the Providence, may the affected Britons swiftly recover the comforting regularity of their daily lives, as such weather extremities are alleviated through humanity’s gentler stewardship on Earth.