Relief news update from Uganda - 19 Dec 2009  
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Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association relief news update from Uganda.
In November, a windy hailstorm swept through Buliisa, Uganda, with regional deforestation worsening a subsequent landslide that destroyed more than 40 homes. Two young men lost their lives and 30 others were injured as many families were displaced, with crops damaged as well.

On November 17, Supreme Master Ching Hai quickly donated US$10,000 for the most afflicted, sending all her love and sorrow. This amount could acquire US$37,000 in essential supplies if bought in the United States, based on the cost of living in Uganda.

Covering their own travel expenses of US$900, our Association’s local relief team set out to the affected area where they distributed flour, rice, beans, cooking oil, salt, soap and blankets.

The community members expressed their deep appreciation to Supreme Master Ching Hai, and Chairperson Mr. Kwonka sent a special thanks, wishing her abundant blessings for her love and care for people around the world.

We too are grateful for Supreme Master Ching Hai’s unconditional benevolence that comforts the distressed. We also thank our Association’s relief team for their helpful endeavors.

Wishing the people of Uganda a smooth recovery to lives of fulfilling regularity as humanity’s gentler ways help restore our Earth’s stability.