Relief news update from Iran - 24 Dec 2009  
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Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association relief news update from Iran.
Torrential rains in late September affected communities throughout the nation, as floods took 18 lives in Razavi Khorasan province and also swept the villages of Abarkhan and Kanahbist near the holy city of Mashhad.
Crops also suffered extensive damage. Upon hearing of these calamities, Supreme Master Ching Hai immediately donated US$10,000 on September 23, requesting that our Association members go comfort and aid those most desperate, including the bereaved families, the elderly and the orphaned.

This amount could acquire US$37,000 in relief supplies purchased in the United States, based on Iran's cost of living.

Our native Association members set out to conduct the relief work in Mashhad, covering their travel expenses of US$25. They visited six families whose losses included loved ones who had died while trying to save others.
The relief team offered their condolences and distributed financial assistance ranging from US$200 to US$500, depending on each situation. The team also plans to return to provide these victims with further aid.

Our Association members then went to visit six families of a tribe in an area between the cities of Chenaran and Ghoochan, whose tents had been lost in the floods. Thankfully, the Iran Red Crescent Organization had provided them with replacement tent shelter along with oil lamps and mats.

Conveying their sympathies, the relief team distributed US$1,250 in aid, along with US$100 given to a woman from another nearby village who was facing similar conditions.

Throughout the mission, the relief team distributed SOS flyers and explained about the vegan solution to global warming. They also suggested vegetable farming as a wholesome means to ensure residents’ livelihoods.
One family assured that they already refrain from consuming meat to protect from disease. We appreciate Iran’s Red Crescent Organization for their timely help to those in need.

Our gratefulness also for Supreme Master Ching Hai’s unconditional love and support as well as our Association members for their prompt efforts to ease the situations. May the gentle-hearted Iranian people soon return to their productive day-to-day lives as humanity’s increased kindness helps restore our planetary stability.